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Who knows, maybe this.

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I was going to be this but now I don’t think there’s enough time, so I’m still deciding.

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@Hobbes- Holy eff! I say go for it.

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Im going to a club called The End in Nashville Tennessee. Spider Virus is opening for Dharma Kaya (rock bands). The event is being sponsored by NORML (National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws) free special brownies with admission if your cool. Im going to be very stoned for Halloween. Hooray!

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I’m a Star Wars fan so I’m thinking of going for the Dark Helmet look.

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Aeon Flux. From the cartoon.

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I’m going with a group. We are going to be messed up beauty queens. I’ll be “Miss Treated”. I managed to find a hospital gown and I’ll give myself a black eye. The others are “Miss Match”, “Miss Chievious”, “Miss Understood” (a guy in a dress).

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@Hobbes- How about this?

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Where are you finding these things?

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I’m going to be a mommy, handing out candy. Oh, wait. That’s what I am every day!

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clark kent ripping off his shirt and becoming superman. something like this

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@peedub – is that… a Scottish person eating a bloody napkin?

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Cremaster Cycle! Utter craziness rolled into one film.

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Steampunk. Still modding up the details.

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Haven’t quite decided yet, probably nothing as I don’t have a costume. If I could I would totally go as supergirl! I have blonde hair, blue eyes, and am from Kansas.

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I’ve noticed that half the world is going as The Joker, and the other half as Sarah Palin. I’ve decided to mesh the two into a horrendous monstrosity know as joker palin.

Everything is palin-esque, but my hair will be a ratty green and my lips will be smeared red and crooked with the blood of a freshly killed moose.

Say it ain’t so, Joe!

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OMG Shockvalue, I love it!

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I’m trying to decide between Risky Business (no pants, shirt, sunglasses, etc.) or a piece of sushi except I would actually be the rice with a white t-shirt and some ‘rice’ stuck to it. The people in the picture couldn’t ‘cause they weren’t Asian.

Any thoughts? Or something equally fun/weird and EASY TO DO??

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I’m going to dress up as John McCain and when Trick or Treaters come to my door, I’m going to give them all Draft Cards.

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I’m going as silent bob, same as every year. This is from last year.

and that’s not my real hair…

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Funny thing—i never dress up for Halloween. I like it for other reasons. The few times I did dress up I was a witch and a zombie.

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Ginny Weasley. My boyfriend is going as Harry Potter. It’s kind of the half-assed option. Two graduation robes, he already looks like Harry Potter without doing anything, I just need to straighten my red hair, and we have to find sticks.

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Myself, i’m scary enough already.

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A swingstate! I am cutting one Obama and one Mccain mask in half, attaching the halves, wearing an elephant shirt, a purple hoodie, blue pants and possibly red shoes, and I’m just going to be really tentative all night. Can’t wait!

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@ bluefreedome – That would be SO funny. The helmut. The tie!!!

Good will always triumph over evil. Because evil is dumb.

For halloween I am sick.

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a house. my wife is gonna be a witch. i will sit on her to recreate the wizard of oz. actually, we had a party last week and I got to wear the homemade costume then. it was great.

in case you’re curious about the construction of the house….we took a cardboard box. taped lines to make bricks..spray painted the box red. removed the tape—instant bricks. the roof was a little more difficult. we took 2 inch wide strips of cardboard to make straps and taped them to the inside of box…kindof like suspenders. The roof is two 5 inch strips of cardboard that form the roof. My head and neck go between the strips and the strips act like shoulder pads. The roof was spray-painted grey/silver. it’s nice because the roof can be removed separately to make it easier to put on and take off.

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Im going to dress up as someone who doesnt want to dress up for Halloween

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@Hobbes- I think it’s a bloody Scottish person eating a napkin, yes.

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I’m going to be the headless horseman and my son is a pumpkin. :) I was going to try Jack and Sally but I didn’t have time to make the costume.

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Nurse Foote (o:

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Happy nov 1 everybody, hope you all had a great halloween, sounds like there were some great costumes!

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November first? It’s October 30! Where are you? Hong Kong?

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Its the 29th for me…

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