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My friends house always smells really good, how does she do that?

Asked by jm5225 (253points) September 6th, 2010

I asked my friend why her house always smells so good. She answered with “I work at pier one…thats how” and smiled. I am still really curious how her house smells so good though. I mean it’s not a clean smell, its almost calming and relaxing. I’ve tried sprays and plugins and different scented cleaners in my home and they do freshen things up but I feel the smells fade fast and don’t give me the same feeling I get when I am at her house. Any ideas? Does Pier one or other stores have certain products that do this?

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Doesn’t Pier One sell perfume and stuff? Maybe she sprays Pier One cologne all over her house? Yep, they sell candles and fragrances for your house.

Here you are:

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Yep, Pier One sells all sorts of awesome reed diffusers, candles and room sprays.

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candles and incense

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She likes cleaning.

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Reed diffusers in a clean house have that calming effect. It’s not as pronounced in a not-so-clean house because it has to mask odors.

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What does it smell like? Does she have a lot of wooden furniture from Pier 1? Some wood polishes made of natural oils can smell really good. Perhaps it is a combination of things.

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I swear by good quality air purifiers. Filtering dust and particles from the air, also ionizing it. I have the best naps in cleaner air. I prefer that to artificial smells that could even be toxic.

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taking out the garbage, cleaning out the refrigerator, and baking soda down the drain all help. Vacuum the house! Also, open the windows for fresh air!

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I think it is obnoxious that she did not tell you exactly what she uses. Not to mention if I was her manager I would be pissed she did not take the opportunity to recommend a specific product guaranteed to be sold. She seems awfully smug. I will never understand people who will not share their “secrets” regarding things like this.

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Scented candles are great, potpourris, incense oil

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Scented candles lit or unlit can be very strong as well as soap bars used for display in jars or baskets. Never underestimate the smell of real wood furniture either.

Does your friend have any pets or children? One of my friends has such a nice smelling place but she has no kids, no pets, no carpeted floors and lots of wood furniture, houseplants, candles, incense sticks dipped in oils and ceiling fans always on.

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Open the windows, clean and get some fresh flowers. Make something that smells good—heat up some cider on the stove. Bake some cookies. Burn a soy lavender candle. Perfumes and other chemical stuff can be very toxic.

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