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How much is it to rotate and re-align my tires?

Asked by teejay0514 (285points) November 2nd, 2008

I was wondering how much it would be. Because I think I have to…the way I’ve been running over curbs and street signs while I was drunk.

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After reading your question’s details, I’m thinking you might be needing a lot more than a tire rotation and re-alignment.

Car versus street signs can’t be good on the rest of your vehicle either.

Here is today’s public service message for you:

Friends don’t let friends drive drunk.

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Youre getting drunk behind the wheel at 16. Cool…

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to answer your question, call some mechanics and ask. prices vary by place and by where in the country you live, maybe they might vary by vehicle, too. asking the mechanic should be free.

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p.s. don’t be bragging about driving drunk because it’s not impressive. it’s a crime and you could kill someone else or yourself.

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