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Why does everyone argue on fluther?

Asked by missjena (918points) November 2nd, 2008 from iPhone

not to mention be disrespectful, nasty, rude, and know it alls?

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I disagree with your premise. In most cases, the users here are polite, thoughtful, and generous. When we disagree, we usually do so with respect.

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You tryin’ to start somethin’ bitch?


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I just read 20 questions in a row and every single one of them was people arguing in an aggressive way.

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I think it’s kind of unavoidable, considering the nature of the website.

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I agree melt and some people are miserable and take it out via Internet kinda like trumi just did.

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@missjena. I don’t fall into any of the categories that you mentioned in your question’s details. I’ve been on Fluther for less than a week now and I’ve had nothing but good experiences. I think it is much like augustian said in the first post.

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Now see missjena, trumi was joking. Perhaps you are misreading us?

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I think it all just depends on how you take things. People just share their opinions which can turn into an intense conversation. I think some things may be misinterpreted since you can’t hear tone of voice or see body language. Just don’t take anything to heart.

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well considering you’ve only bee on a few days you’ll see what I mean. Plus Im not saying very question or every person its just what I’ve observed.

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I don’t get how people are considered know it all’s when they’re supposed to answer questions?

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If everyone agreed with each other, the answers would be total crap. Yes, a little courtesy and neighborly love is appreciated, but I think that is the point of Fluther! If you look at the biggest users, they all know how to avoid pissing each other off, play nice, and answer the questions as best they can. Those that can’t pull it off leave, or get kicked off.

The best part of The Collective is that only the smartest people last, so you know you’re getting good advice. Doesn’t always work out that way, but we do our best.

And if you’re like me and often come off a little too mean without meaning to be, kissing a little ass isn’t a bad idea…

Hi Mods! <3

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@missjena – Length of time doesn’t matter as much here – krose has been very involved since he/she started here, and has actually answered almost a hundred more questions than you despite your longer stay.

A little bit of attitude and humor on Fluther is completely fine, in my opinion. I don’t find it excessive. There is the occasional user who will attack others with their words. Learning to deal with them is part of the process.

It’s not like everyone is perfectly friendly all the time in real life, either.

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I see disagreement, not arguing. The moderators do a good job keeping the tone civil.

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what’s with all the great answer points on this question??? Talk about ass kissing.

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It’s not “arguing”. We’re just having a loud talking conversation. Go back to sleep.

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Andrew, that just gave me so many flashbacks.

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We do disagree a lot, and that’s part of what makes it fun. However, I do not see that we are disrespectful. In fact, the majority of the comments that I’ve seen that were later removed by the moderators were off topic. Like a joke contest or just a total thread-jack. Not rude or disrespectful at all.

However, I also see that you thought Trumi’s joke was rude and disrespectful. As such, you may wish to read some of the previous questions about the smaller sized text and its use. It is often used to denote an off topic aside or something about the comment. In Trumi’s case, Trumi was making a joke. It wasn’t meant to be offensive and that was made clear by the smaller comment “joking!”.

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missjena – I’ve been here for a few months now, sure there have been some questions that I’ve seen heat up, but only one time did I see it start to border on being rude. I’ve found that most people will go back and forth for a little while, but usually just calm down on their own – nothing bad about that, at least to me.

I find most people here to be pleasant, supportive, kind and informative.

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missjena, You say you’ve seen 20 questions where people were rude and argumentative. That’s probably because they were religion questions or questions where people believe people get their morality from regions (as in the homosexual marriage stance).

Personally, I will turn around and help someone with an electrical or engine based question right after I’ve disagreed about the existence of God.

You will always get new users trolling the boards but it seems like most of the people who stick around for any period of time are mostly respectful.

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Well this was fun :P

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Well what would the world be without arguements.

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I’ve seen a pattern over the past year that I’ve been a member: there will be a long period of thoughtful, helpful discussions, and then an individual who revels in contention and flame wars will stir things up for a few weeks. Those individuals tend to eventually be ignored until they leave or are asked to leave by the moderators because of their behavior. Then there will be a few more weeks of lively conversation, thoughtful discourse, and helpful information. It is entirely possible for people to disagree on issues in a civil manner, and it usually happens that way here.

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I haven’t been on here for very long, but I haven’t come across any threads that are just flat out arguments.
I feel like everybody’s pretty nice!
Not all of us could agree…what would be the fun in that? It’s good to discuss things with people who have different views. I think you must be mistaking friendly discussion for something else! :)

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I know the political season has inspired some good debates from both sides and I could see how some of those could be read as arguments even when they were relatively restrained and respectful.

Some people do like to go around and push hot topic buttons to purposely stir up emotions, but most seem to be able to ignore or deflect the incendiary remarks.

Rarely have I seen any personal attacks, just people who hold strong beliefs and want to make sure they get their point across.

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Apparently, a few questions on here have been treated harshly lately (though I can’t recall any), and that’s part of what lost us a certain Fluther member.

I remember being completely new on here an feeling ignored because of my newbishness. It seems that on every site there is an acceptance curve, but here that curve is pretty steep. Fluther has relatively high requirements for participation, and if people don’t think you meet those requirements, you aren’t treated with the same degree of respect as other, more seasoned members.

@missjena – Muchos respect to you for posting this question. Obviously there are people that agree with you. If you could provide links to some of the rude conversations, I think the Fluther community would take a look and try to fix the situation.

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i had several occasions where i wrote my opinion, and added that it’s my opinion, and have felt like i was jumped on by one or two people who did not agree. to me, if i state my opinion, you have yours and i have mine and i don’t jump on you (“you” being the people i felt jumped on me) and you don’t jump on me. i felt like the person was seeking an argument, and i try to avoid arguing, because i can’t stand it. so now i am kind of careful to avoid putting my opinion if i think it will be controversial.

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it’s not fluther, it’s the world wide web.

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