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Do you ever feel like vomiting after listening to GOOD music?

Asked by Nimis (13219points) November 3rd, 2008

Okay, sure. Have a good chuckle by listing all the terrible music that makes you gag. But, seriously now, does anyone else get (this weird feeling that can only be described as) nausea when they’re listening intently to exceptionally good music? Really listening to it, in-the-middle-of-it listening to it.

It’s a peculiar reaction and I was wondering
if anyone else experiences this from time to time.

Do you ever experience nausea triggered by anything positive?

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Don’t mind me. Just getting some obvious answers out of the way…
• No, but I feel like vomiting after listening to BAD music.
• Maybe it’s because you are listening to BAD music.

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If I hear an amazing piece of music for the first time I’ll get goosebumps. What makes me want to puke is re pop crap that fills the radio everytime I turn it on.

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Hmm.. I wouldn’t describe my feeling as nausea, but I do get a weird feeling in my stomach. It feels like I’m ansy or something. Also like Eambos said, I get goose bumps and sometimes I wanna cry.

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No, I mostly listen to punk rock and hip-hop. I usually just skateboard in the garage.

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I just turn off MTV and I start to feel better.

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My memory is a little hazy but I’m pretty sure I felt nauseous on a couple of occasions when I heard Rap music.

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that is what i feel exactly also.

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Sometimes I feel this way as a sense of nostalgia when I listen to really good music that has some sort of connection to something else in my life. There are certain bands that I just can’t listen to sometimes, especially when I am alone. And these are some of my favorite bands and songs that I love.

But sometimes I just get that nauseous feeling in the pit of my stomach that can’t really be explained except by the fact that I am listening to something I enjoy and thinking about good times.

i guess that’s pretty wierd lol

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I wouldn’t say I feel like I have to throw up as a result of listening to good music, but sometimes my reactions may elicit feelings of nausea. If I listen to a heart-breaking song, I may begin to cry so suddenly (if I wasn’t expecting it) that I feel like I’m going to vomit. Also, if I really listen to a song for the first time, I may feel that if the lyrics or the connotation of the song are so startling that I feel a wee bit nauseous.

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What type of music are you listening to? I don’t really like hard rock or punk or anything with a fast loud beat but I do listen to System of a Down on occasion. I turn it up real loud and the fast driving beats sometimes make me a bit nauseous. I really like the music but sometimes it unsettles my stomach (especially after eating).

Different types of music can have a profound effect on the digestive track. I’d say it’s not that unusual Nimis.

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I think you have the flu.

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Maybe not nausea, but I get a whooshing tickle feeling, like when you go down a hill in the car, or the elevator speeds up unexpectedly. And I get goosebumps and chills. But I get carried away by music, so not too surprising.

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Eambos: I’ll sometimes get goosebumps when listening to music too.
I think this usually happens for me when I’m listening to classical music.
Luckily, this is a much more common reaction for me than getting nauseous.

Krose: Maybe I’m just defaulting to nausea because I’m not sure how else to describe it.
Do you ever feel somewhat nauseous when you’re really, really, really, really antsy?
And, yes, sometimes music can make me feel like crying too.
That happens less often than getting goosebumps and more often than feeling nauseous.

Arc: I do think it’s weird! Isn’t nausea usually a reaction to something bad?

Kata: Your reactions elicit feelings of nausea? That’s an interesting train of thought. Hmmm…

Body: I think in the particular case I was thinking of, it’s probably more psychological than physical. But now that you mentioned it, I totally remember that standing-too-close-to-the-speakers-am-going-to-hurl feeling. Ugh.

Asmonet: Yes, I think it might be best described as something else.
But at this point, I’m at a loss for words. Errr…psychological motion sickness?

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Maybe it’s slight vertigo brought on by specific auditory input.

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Though I don’t actually get dizzy,
that’s an interesting theory.
[Off to google it.]

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Interesting. Didn’t find any relevant articles on vertigo and music.
But did find out the area in your brain that initiates vomiting responds to
several neurotransmitters. Two of the five listed are dopamine and 5-HT (seratonin).
I wonder if an overload of these “happy chemicals” can make you feel nauseous?

But it also looks like they use music therapy for nausea.
Doesn’t that seem contrary to the theory?

[Continues to scratch head.]

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What where you listening to last time you experienced this?

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I don’t actually remember. This just came up because
I was talking to someone about inappropriate reactions.

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It happens rarely then? About how often would you say?

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Yes, thankfully not that often.
Maybe a handful of times a year?

I wonder how often Krose, Arc, Kata and Asmonet feel it?

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@ nimis: what I mean is it’s like when you start sobbing or laughing really hard and you just feel like you have to throw up. If a song elicits extreme laughing or sobbing, that’s when I feel like I have to throw up. (Also times like now when I haven’t been getting much sleep and I’m feeling a little sick anyway. There’s one song that I’ve recently become obsessed with that elicits that response right now.)

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So the nausea is more a by-product than anything else?
How often to you get that feeling?
Hope you start feeling better. My sleep is pretty jacked these days too.

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Not that often. Like I said, it’s happening more often now than it usually does because I haven’t been feeling too well. A song needs to be really funny/heartbreaking to get that kind of response out of me.

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Sometimes! It reminds me a lot of the sick/dizzy/heartsick feeling I get when I think about someone I really love.

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Yes! Good description!

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I get it EVERY time i listen to pink floyd, its really tough to describe. Its like uve said like goosebumps, butterflies, and so on, but only when i listen to pink floyd

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I have exactly? that. I’ve looked for all the advice – music without lyrics – no headphones. It’s none of those. I used to love music – still do – it’s very specific. Only on my own. Not any particular genre of music – not associated with anyhting/anyone – sometimes music I’d not heard before! It started some months after my wife left me (after 30 years). I wasn’t thinking about it, but 2nd track in and I had to stop the car – started retching. I’ve forced myself to try and go beyond it. Some days I can manage 4 tracks. It’s really spoiling things. Was amazed to see someone appear to describe what I have… Any solutions? Thanks.

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I have exactly that. t doesn’t have to be music with an association – it can be music I’ve not heard before. Any genre, although usually ‘good’ music. Sad or happy – classical or rock. It all started a few months after my wife left me (after 30 years). Had to pull car over to side of road, started to retch. Slightly better now – but I’ve forced myself through the nausea, but not gone at all after some years. It has really spoilt my enjoyment – and I used to be a musician. Some days I can listen to quite a few tracks before it kicks in – sometimes first tune of the day. I also have felt no-one else experiences this…. I have decided to sort it with counselling – CBT or NLP or hypnotherapy. Sorry this is so long after your original post – I just found it. You OK now?

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