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Where does the Vice President live?

Asked by lbus1229 (338points) November 3rd, 2008 from iPhone

The White House?

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The Vice President resides at Number One Observatory Circle, on the grounds of the United States Naval Observatory at 34th Street and Massachusetts Avenue. Well, unless you are Dick Cheney, then you perpetually live in an undisclosed location.

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In the White House’s kitchen, feeding Bush all the Bullshit he cooks up.

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unnecessary, immature, and inflammatory response to a legit question, enzo. Boo.

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What? Political satire is fun, especially with all of the material we’ve been given for the past eight years.

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The Veep can’t live in the same place as the President in case something happens to the White House.

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Enzo, in order to be funny political satire, a remark has to be #1) satirical and #2) funny.

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oh Jesus people. Really? Enzo, I laughed.

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@gail, I said fun, not funny. I enjoyed myself, therefore fun. And I had just woken up when I wrote it, had to get the point across.

@judochop, thank you.

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I think Cheney cohabit-ates with Darth Vader in some undisclosed location where they eat entrails of small animals and genitals of prepubescent Marianus Island boys under the watchful gaze of Saddam’s severed and mounted head.

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yeah sorry enzo. I guess you have to be part of the better than you club to make some
People laugh.

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bicker bicker bicker.


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Enzo—some folks are here to show us how much better they are than the rest of us…

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I sometimes wish I could give anti-lurve.

That being said, Reed is correct.

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He (Dick Cheney, not just any VP) also owns a home in Chevy Chase, Maryland. My friends have done a lot of work for the next-door neighbor, and while there, cannot get wireless connections, and frequently no cell signals either.

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I told ya’ll to stop making me come back to fluther. Dang it, Aug!

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Who, me? Batting eyelashes, innocently

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