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What does it matter if a question is asked from an iPhone?

Asked by gimmedat (3943points) November 3rd, 2008 from iPhone

Why is it noted after a question if a question was asked from an iPhone? Does this notation show up on full Fluther, or just i.fluther?

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You see it everywhere. I see it as cart blanche for a questioner to not fully elaborate, or to make minor typographical errors.

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Ohhhh, cool way of looking at it! Thanks! Have to account for that whole fat finger thing!

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When the first influx of iPhone users hit Fluther, they were a serious drag on the community. Most of them seemed to think this was an Apple support site; few of them bothered to proofread their questions or to check Google or Wikipedia first.

Ignoring questions with the “asked from an iPhone” tag and people who asked questions only from their iPhones saved a lot of people’s sanity.

And I’m the exact opposite of tonedef: I see it as a sign that the querent will likely be careless and sloppy, and that the question is best avoided. I have an iPhone, and I know how easy it is to fix typos on it, so there’s really no excuse.

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