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Which browser do you use?

Asked by klaas4 (2186points) August 20th, 2007

There are many browsers out there, but which browser do you use?

I use Firefox :-)

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Firefox mainly.
But do a lot of testing in both I.E and Safari.

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Safari then Firefox. IE for testing.

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Firefox. IE only when the site actually requires it.

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Firefox, mostly. Sometimes Opera or Flock. IE if I absolutely have to.

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I use Firefox on OS X..

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Safari 3.0 beta.

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Mozilla Firefox 2.0 on my laptop, safari/opera/netscape - for testing purposes and IE to find messed up CSS

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Safari on OS X and Firefox (much slower) as a back-up.

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Firefox until recently. I just switched to Flock, though. It seems to load faster, supports Firefox extensions, and has some pretty interesting features.

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safari most, but its a memory hog so I use firefox when doing CPU intensive operations

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Safari 2.0 at home. Firefox at work where I have to use a pc. Also Safari for iPhone (obviously)

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safari on iPhone
IE or mozilla firefox on laptop
IE on PC at work

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Safari mostly
then Firefic

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Safari 3 Beta is primary on my Mac at home and XP PC at work; On Mac Firefox is my secondary, but on XP PC, I go to IE second.

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FIREFOX (mozilla)

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From a USB-stick, mostly Firefox (latest musume 2.x build and latest nightly alpha (currently 3.0a8)), latest Opera weekly, Maxthon and latest internal build of Maxthon 2.x, K-maleon

On cellphone: Opera and Opera mini (latest stable and latest beta), lynx (via SSH)

Every now and then:
hv3, OffByone, Lynx , Elinks, Safari/Swift/Konqueror, Networker, Scope, Greenbrowser, AmayaWX, Act10, TheWorld, Oracle Powerbrowser.
old , very old and ancient versions of Opera, Firebird and Mozilla suite, Netscape.

Not as often as I'd like:
Contiki , Aweb, IBrowser, Voyager

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Well, that's a list!
Which one do you use for what purpose? I don't know wat to do with all those browsers?!

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Generally the firefoxes for google reader except for media-heavy sites which in case usually Opera. Rarely open more than ~50 tabs in FX, hardly ever >100.
Almost all youtube are watched offline with KMPlayer after being saved from firefox (downloadhelper)

With feeds that offer little more than a headline in the feed but I want to read them all, tend to use Opera to open all 40-100+ links at once (ctrl+j), sometimes in maxthon (alt+l)
Ditto for forums I frequent , open all newposts at once.
As a result, often have a few windows open in Opera with 25-100 tabs each. In Maxthon , self-imposed (as in set it myself) limit of 400 tabs, so that Windows itself wouldn't run out of resources (GDI & handles, not memory); Sometimes with special cases, temporarily increase the limit if I want to open a 4-digit number of tabs.

If using a less-than-modern windows machine (< Pentium III / 256MB RAM), the firefoxes with their extensions ( 38 in, 36 in 3.0a8pre ) are out the question.

Most of the other ones are just for fun, so much so than none of the x86 browser are even installed on 486DX4 /w Windows 3.11 nor on 286 /w MS-DOS 4.0.

The 8-bit browser/server (Contiki) a few times a decade on real hardware (C64 or C128), the 3 Amiga a few times a year on real hardware, otherwise all 4 tend to be used more on emulators.

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Safari 3, mostly, then Camino, Firefox, and Opera sometimes.

I wish Firefox behaved better on the Mac.

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Camino. Great little browser. (I use Firefox on occasion for bank stuff and the like.)

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Firefox, and sometimes Epiphany.

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