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What podcasts do you listen to?

Asked by mdy (1152points) August 20th, 2007

I only started listening to podcasts recently so I'd like to find new ones.

I currently listen to:
- Technology: This Week In Tech, IT Conversations
- Marketing & PR: Marketing Over Coffee, Six Pixels of Separation, New Comm Road, PRobecast
- Business & Management: HBR Idea Cast
- Music: PhilMusic
- General Interest: On Point with Tom Ashbrook

These are all available via iTunes.

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This American Life
Maniacal Rage

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Fresh Air
Sierra Club Radio
The Business, from KCRW
Studio 360
As it Happens, from CBC Radio
NPR Shuffle
NPR Pop Culture
And ditto for This American Life

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MacBreak Weekly
Dave Ramsey

Much less than I used to actually

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Buzz Out Loud (hilarious!)
The Buzz Report
The Queue.

All from

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The Talk Show (random Mac stuff)
This American Life (radio documentary)
A Way With Words (grammar and word usage nerdery)

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Sierra Club Radio
and This American Life
I also like Terry Gross...

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Daily Source Code
Apple Phone Show
EdTech Musician
Inside The Magic
Mac OS Ken
WGBH Morning Stories

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bejamin walker's theory of everything
love and radio
boing boing boing
buzz out loud
left right and center
mac geek gab
macbreak weekly
fresh air
wait wait...don't tell me
the onion radio news
the sound of young america
this american life
this week in tech
vegetarian food for thought
wnyc's radio lab

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Thanks everyone for your answers! Looks like I've got a lot to check out! :-)

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