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If you could vote for anyone besides politicains, who would you vote for?

Asked by Mtl_zack (6762points) November 4th, 2008

we have a thing in my school newspaper where random students are asked a question every week, and this was this week’s question. at school, we got responses of Oprah and Will Smith. and dont forget t say why.

and by the way, this is supposed to be silly, not serious.

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Scientists. Researchers. People who actually accomplish something.

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Leia Organa Solo. She’s a proven politician with years of experience. She’s especially good with foreign relations.

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pete beat me to it, dalepetrie.

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There was a young boy on Opera a few years ago that was basically a genius.

He was finishing college and was 12 years old or something.

I would vote for him.

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i <3 oprah!!! i would vote for her

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I’d vote for comedians. They probably don’t know jack about politics but they’d get a lot of mileage out of making fun of the government, other politicians, and the sorry state of affairs that is currently plaguing America.

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Jeff Foxworthy.
He’s got, a least, a fifth grade education.

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I’ll throw my vote in for Dale as well. But I’d also like to give it to the guy who writes XKCD!

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And Nate Silver!

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I would vote for a successful businessman, so that he would run the country like a business – not giving anything for free, not spending money foolishly, not going into debt. Of course, a “successful” businessman who is running his business at a profit would be hard to find!

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