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What is the meaning of this dream?

Asked by Shin00bi (40points) November 4th, 2008

My friend and I are at a water park, I walked down to the white bar table in the pool she was at. As I sat, we reach for each others hand smiling looking around nervously to if anyone notice. Still never we chatted away about what to do later. Got any ideas?

On a side note, Do you believe in a deeper meaning in your dream images?

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Boink her.

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@asmonet interesting choice of words.

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I would interpret your dream to mean that you’re both at a waterpark where you meet her at a poolside table and reach for each other while others are looking (although you don’t know this) and then you make plans to meet later and do the horizontal bop.

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Pragmatism is a thing of beauty lol

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A[pparently, mixing tequila, Obama and Fluther do wonders for my GA’s….

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This is a definite “love” dream. You are reaching for each other, a desire for a connection with her, and plans for later mean a desire for a long-term relationship.

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