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My fluther?

Asked by A_Beaverhausen (2440points) November 6th, 2008

im neeew to this, and i need your help! do i need people in my fluther to get responses? do i have to be chosen to be in other peoples fluthers? what do i have to do to do that?

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Not at all, everyone can see your question on the homepage. Here we are!

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Think of your Fluther as a buddy list. It’s just a group of members you especially enjoy hearing from.

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welcome to the collective

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No you dont need people in my fluther for responses. Every question gets posted on the front page for everyone to answer it. My Fluther is just a way to filter all the questions to only show questions from people you are following. IE richardhenry is in my fluther so if he asks a question it will show up in there.

Welcome to the collective ^_^

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what makes someone worth being in your fluther?
does the lurve thing have anything to do with it?
will i know if im in someone elses?

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what makes someone worth being in your fluther? You find them interesting
does the lurve thing have anything to do with it? No
will i know if im in someone elses? Yes youll see a little message on the right side of the main page where your lurve is displayed saying ”+2 points for being added to (user)‘s fluther! ” and it will appear in your profile

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ahhh, i just found the page with all this information on it! lol

thanks guys!

i think im going to LOVE This site!

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Although I usually wait until I read some of a member’s postings, I am going to add you just because of your moniker, too funny!

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moniker = name. in this case your fluther usernname. Oh and welcome to Fluther!

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Your name.

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Anastasia Beaverhausen was too long.

gotta love Karen Walker!!!!


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I LOVED her!

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i miss that show :(

they should bring it back!!!

its on every week day @ 11 on lifetime; i think ive seen every episode!

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I love hearing, reading, and saying ‘welcome to the collective’

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Welcome to the collective!

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