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What one hour drama is your guilty pleasure?

Asked by Snoopy (5798points) November 8th, 2008

The one that you don’t mention to people that you actually watch…because you are too embarassed.

Mine: Sons of Anarchy (gotta love those biker gangs!)

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My name is Supermouse and I watch Intervention, and have been known to tune into Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew.

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i dont know about drama, but i love ‘locked up’ on national geographic. prison life is interesting. lol

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I don’t if anyone else would call it drama, but I’m always sitting on the edge of my seat when the collector is about to tell the person how much their stuff is worth on Antiques Roadshow. It’s so intense!

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@Beaver, I LOVE Locked Up Abroad!! I tell everyone about it!

I also love America’s Next Top Model and The Amazing Race and True Blood. None of those are guilty pleasures, I freely admit to all of them!

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@shrubbery The standard reply after they reveal the value of the item always seems to be “You’ve got to be kiddin’ me!” LOL.

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I used to like watching the show “Oz” on HBO.

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I don’t really have one. Probably I’d be most embarassed by watching Wheel of Fortune!

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I can only watch The Sopranos when the house is empty.

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I can never answer questions like this! I always tell people about my guilty pleasures because it makes for good humor.

It’s not an hour or a drama, but a few years back, my guilty pleasure was DBZ. I’m pretty sure I avoided admitting that until I was older.

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@shrub i own my love for the ARS. ill wear that badge of honor!

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Smallville or Gossip Girl

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Desperate Housewives

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I’ve been watching ER since the first episode…can’t tell you how sad I’ll be when the 15 year run comes to an end this year!!

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@bythebay I cried when Pratt died :(

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@LaChic bong BONG

lame attempt at the iconic Law & Order transition

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snoopy, my roommate calls it “doink doink” .. i think i like yours better. ;-)

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Brothers & Sisters. What a soap opera.

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@LaChic and Snoopy: What about “dun dun”?

To me, no show is a guilty pleasure. I admit to all that I watch (except maybe the <cough cough> more “adult” programs). I feel that I can explain away my love for a show, even ones that are in bad taste.

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i pretend to only watch ugly betty because it’s on before greys anatomy, which is actually equally as embaressing…

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@simon – Haha! Don’t pretend! Own up to it! I love Ugly Betty precisely for the reasons that some people dislike it!

I have to deal with snooty film students every day. At some point, you just give up trying to only like media that is critically acclaimed and love what you love for whatever reason. If a show works for you, then it’s doing something right!

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Dirty Sexy Money.

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Desperate Housewives for me as well!!

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aircrash investigations – awesome:)

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All My Children

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@Poof, lurve for coming out as soap fan!

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LOL thanks mouse :)

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It would be a tie between gossip girl and supernatural. They are both amazing shows and i cant get enough of them!

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My Sunday Nights are so depressing now that season two of Mad Men has ended :(

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@paradesgoby I am still waiting for Season 1 from Netflix!

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oh my god, it will change your life!

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Nip/Tuck. Shhhh! Don’t tell anyone!

@bythebay – I agree! I can’t believe this is ER’s last season ever. Doesn’t seem possible. sniff!

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@autumn. I like Nip/Tuck too….shhhhh!

I thought they handled the “return” of Romano, Greene and Weaver on ER, very well

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@Snoopy/Autumn – I cried the second Dr. Greene hit the screen. Loved when he was talking to Elizabeth on the phone. getting sadder by the week

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I have to watch ‘ER’ alone now. I don’t want to be disturbed or interrupted. I DVR it and want to cry alone when I feel like it! And that was really cool how they did the flashbacks. I never remebered Angela Bassett being on there. That’s how good the writing is – you forget the big names that have been on there because they just get so absorbed into the storylines. Boohoohoo! and how sad that Michael Crichton has passed away!

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@autumn I don’t think Angela Bassett ever was on ER until this season. They created the illusion of any earlier episode, but it was actually filmed all recently.

They are that good….

Still no confirmation on Clooney and Margulies’ return. Noah Wyle is to return…

@bythebay. I noted that too. sniff

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Julianna isn’t going to return. Just read that somewhere today. But George just HAS to!! Although, he was kind of too big for his britches even BEFORE he left there. Hopefully he could do it “for fun!”.

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Why wouldn’t she return?! I hope she isn’t being a stick in the mud. ER pretty much launched her career….

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i love how we talk about them like they’re family…:)
I also insist on watching alone, the other night I gave my husband the hairy eyeball for turning the pages of the newspaper!

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Brothers & Sisters, the truth is im not really that into it, its just that its on after extreme home makeover and desparate houswives which are 2 great shows so ive been sitting on the couch for like 2 hrs so i feel obligated watch it instead of going up to bed. I know it sounds strange. Also Antique Roadshow, deal or no deal, and law and order which i watch with my nana :O Im really mortified that i enjoy antique roadshow but i cant help it!

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Don’t be mortified! Antiques Roadshow can be very interesting – if you are into the antiques. And when someone has something they think is worth $50 and they say it’s $50K – it’s so worth it!

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yeah, its just definetly not the show i would typically watch, its so unlike me:P

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Desperate housewives. O.O

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Honestly, it’s the Disney Channel. I switch between that NCIS and Law and Order…kinda weird, huh?

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My most embarrassing show/guilty pleasure is definitely Smallville. My roommate might be getting me hooked on Skank TV, though. That’s really not something I like to admit. Go Ricki Lake! Make that dollar!

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NCIS. The characters are two dimensional, the stories are poorly written, the show should be canceled. I watch it religiously.

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The Bachelor….such a cheesy show but I do watch it also
NYPD Blues because it has no commercials and I like all the characters

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