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If you could choose one gift to receive for xmas what would it be and why?

Asked by madsmom1030 (1033points) November 9th, 2008
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if I had to choose something other than money, I’d ask for a car, not necessarily new or “better” just a car that gets better milage than a ford explorer…

If it was cash, I’d be satisfied with $1,000, even a couple of hundred if that’s it.

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I would like a Bissell Spot Bot which I am keeping my fingers crossed that I recieve. I have pets and they are always creating some kind of mess. It would be nice to have this instead of having to drag out the big carpet shampooer to take care of small spots.

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I’d really love for my family to take whatever money they’d spend on material items and, instead, put it in my college fund… Lord knows I’m gonna need it….

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I would love a new Mac laptop.

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I know this sounds sanctimonious, but I mean it. I wish for an end to this awful war, for obvious reasons. There IS a cool pair of sterling silver artisan earrings I have had my eye on.

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a mac book,

i have a dell :(

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Twenty more years.

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I wouldn’t mind getting an armful of new books. Reading is one of my favorite pastimes and I could get a lot of mileage out of a bunch of novels.

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A job for my wife.

She’s been unemployed for 2 years now and it’s really wearing on her. I hate to see her unhappy.

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I celebrate Chanukah…

I would like a fancy digital camera with a really powerful telephoto lens, so I can take better pictures of animals, and especially bugs.

I will probably ask for CDs and books, which are also fantastic. I’m in college and my parents still support me financially 100%, so I don’t like to ask for really expensive things because they’re giving me really expensive things all the time, like my college education.

Oh, I also would like a girlfriend. I think I would like that as a Chanukah gift a lot more than a camera.

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Someone who would love and understand my two dear animal friends (big dog small cat) and would like to move in with them for, oh, four or five months so I could travel without any worry. But they would have to do it after my two new grandbabies arrive in May and July. Any takers? I live in a nice place.

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A wireless printer! My printer is starting to slow down and the deal is, when it’s dead, we get a wireless printer.

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Something thoughtful and economical that encourages me to pursue a passion in some way. Lurve for trying to get ideas for Christmas, my love.

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A Shar Pei puppy. My position at work has changed so I no longer have to work such long hours. I have been without a dog for a few years, and am now able to have one again! I used to raise Shar Pei, so am very used to them. Even if I have to wait til spring, that will be my Christmas present.

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A GPS unit for my car. I am the type of person they were invented for…I am always getting lost!

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A new Dell laptop. This computer is 6 years old this week & I’m holding my breath on its life. I had a ‘crash analysis’ alert come up on it a couple weeks ago. It scared me to death. I don’t need that!!! I have a good friend who works at Dell & he helped me with it, thank God.

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I would like for Santa to send an elf to install my laminate floors in the basement and to take my ex’s things out of my house.

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I want that pony I was promised and never got. Dang you Santa, you never answered my letter. Oh and by the way, it WAS me that put Ex-Lax in the cookies. That’ll teach you to ruin a small child’s holiday!

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…my ex-wife’s death certificate, or was that too harsh?

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to be able to move to Golders Green, London immediatley. Im going to get a job there and move there after university. Or maybe a extreme bedroom makeover! Or an extreme makeover: home edition! Or maybe the gift of hair growth, my hair grows sooo slow, I want it long! MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!

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@Jack79, yeah just a bit…

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Jack79, framed, laminated, or both?

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I would love to receive the whole A Song of Ice and Fire series, a bookmark that represents me well, clothes, adorable socks, a new winter jacket that looks good on me, a cute scarf, a cute hat, cute mittens, new winter boots that look amazing, cute shoes, a hair cut, a nice shade of auburn or red hair dye that suits me well (if it’s possible), headphones, earphones, an iPod Touch, a Galaxy Nexus cell phone, a laptop, a camera, food gift cards, a Sens jersey, a Sens snuggie, money, and a job. :)

Oh, I have to pick just one? Well, for now, a bookmark would be nice. :)

Seriously, though…

I would like to get a job soon and buy most of those things for myself. One of my friends told me she thinks she’s going to buy me a present and I really hope she buys me a bookmark if she does because I saw Harry potter bookmarks at a mall that I adore and bought for her because she is a Harry Potter fan as well and I could really use one myself. ^_^

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