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Is it OK to drink during Lunch hours?

Asked by windex (2932points) November 10th, 2008

when you are working (but are not on company’s property?)
Is it illegal? (but you’re not on the clock)

Also, how interesting there is a question about drinking

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no, thats bad decision making. just wait till 5 like everybody else.

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i thought lunch hour is our time which means we can do whatever we want as long as its within the given time

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I think thats why most places have happy hour, just wait 5 hours like everyone else. What kind of worker would you be going back to work slightly drunk it would make for a very funny afternoon but i’m sure it would not be a one shared by your boss.

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Is it OK to take a mid-afternoon nap?

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It depends on where you are. There are cultures where they wouldn’t blink twice at it and cultures where it is problematic. Honestly, as long as you are eating and enjoying a beverage with your meal, I see no problem with it. However, if you are getting tipsy that’s probably a problem.

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For sure it’s culturally relative! Don’t let these uptight Americans tell you how to enjoy your lunch….......I’m sure lots of CEO’s and big business men are out wining and dining with clients, so yes the average person is entitle to crack open a cold one if you see fit. Going back to work drunk is obviously bad, but a little buzzin’ will probably liven up the situation for everyone….....

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oh btw, forgot to say this, I do EVERYTHING much better if I’m buzzed :)

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Certainly not illegal, but might be against your company’s rules. It’s against mine. Check with your HR department.

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I think it might be important to consider what one’s profession is also. Would drinking an alcoholic beverage affect someone’s work performance after they went back to work?

Taxi driver

Police officer

Doctor (who left the hospital property for lunch and a drink)

Attorney (whoops, court is convening after lunch and I have to give a coherent closing statement in that murder trial)

These are only a few of many significant choices but you get the picture.

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Thanks all, I mean a Beer or 2, I don’t mean getting wasted!
What about that (just buzzed) when your lips get numb…ohhhh yea

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As long as your boss or vindictive coworkers don’t find out. Stick with vodka. Beer and dark liquors can be smelled if you yawn or something to close to other people.

Here is some tips for juicing on the job.–03-juicing-on-the-job.htm

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Heck yeah.

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Only if you have no problem with all your co-workers, and your boss, talking about your drinking problem, and being passed over for promotions for it.

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It really depends on your work’s culture. A beer during lunch might be ok. I would say two beers is not. In order to give off the air of professionalism, come the end of lunch time you should be fully in control of yourself, so “just buzzed” is not what I would consider fully in control. If you’re ok with being seen as not professional, then by all means drink till you’re plenty buzzed.

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