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What do you typically drink in the afternoons and evenings when you're at home?

Asked by jca2 (12681points) November 23rd, 2020

I drink Caffeine Free Diet Coke. Once in a while I’ll have tea in the afternoons or evenings. If there’s no Caffeine Free Diet Coke, I’ll drink water (tap water).

At home, I never drink alcohol, even though it’s in the house (for baking, and there’s wine in the refrigerator). I can, but I just don’t. I’m not a big alcohol drinker.

What about you? Do you drink coffee at night, at home? Tea? Soda? Liquor or beer? If so, what kind? Wine?

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Tea in the morning and sometimes an herbal tea in the afternoon. Otherwise, just water or flavored seltzer with supper and at night. I don’t drink a lot of liquids through the day in general. At a get together with friends, I may have a glass of wine but that’s only once a week or less.

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Herbal tea after noon. Coffee in the morning. Beer sometimes on weekends.

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An Iced Coffee in the morning then oodles of water all day.

Occasionally, an herbal tea or decaf coffee at night, but that’s rare.

I haven’t had soda since 1994.

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Coffee or coffee drinks until dinner; then sparkling water.

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Water, iced coffee and diet soda.

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Coffee in the morning. The same pod, reused, for lunch or prelunch snack. Green tea. in the afternoon.
Water in the evening.

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[insert NSFW joke]

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I drink green tea in the morning and only drink water in the evening. Never any alcoholic beverages or soda pop.

On airplanes I use to go for the free fruit juice that I diluted with water.

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Coffee in the morning, usually iced tea daytime, vanilla chai or regular tea in small amounts in evenings.

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Coffee during the day and NO coffee after 7pm.
I don’t drink any alcohol as I see the effects on others that do frequently.
On special occasions ( events like Christmas, Weddings etc then I will have one glass of wine).
I have adhered to this regime my whole life and my body thanks me for it by slowing down the damages that drinking alcohol does over time.

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Tea or Coke, an occasional beer if I’m out back grilling with my son and grand kiddos. Other wise coffee.

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Mostly water. Probably 80–90% of my liquid intake over a week is plain water.

Sometimes I have the Bolthouse juices in my house, and if I want something sweet, I’ll have 4–6 ounces of it, but then chase it with water anyway.

Recently, I bought some root beer, because I was craving some fizzy soda, but I try not to drink Coke (I love it) but I quit caffeine a long long time ago and now my kidneys don’t work as well as they used to so I don’t want to drink the caffeine free Coke either. Coke has a lot of phosphates, which is bad for the kidneys.

On cold evenings I sometimes make myself a hot chocolate.

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Mostly tap water. Juice mixed with sparkling water, if that’s available. Tea (Earl Grey with milk and sugar) and sometimes warm milk with honey when I want to be extra comfortable. Iced coffee if I need to wake up my brain. For special occasions, ginger ale, or a non-alcoholic and slightly sweet drink that’s called “malt beer” in Germany.

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Aw, you guys are so restrained. There’s a plague on, if my heartburn wasn’t so bad, I’d be drinking all of the wine! Coffee in the morning, tea and seltzer in the afternoon, and if the esophagus permits, whatever wine has caught my fancy in the evening. These days it’s a nice sparkling brut rosé, (pink champagne) or, if I’m not in the mood for bubbles, a Sauvignon Blanc.

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Iced water. During Summer, iced tea.

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Lately I’ve been on a limeade kick in the afternoons and evenings. The wife has noticed and is happily convinced this is another matter of mine worthy of her suspicions.

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We are kind of a boring bunch of Jellies.

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@cookieman Or maybe we’re just so wild and crazy that we don’t need artificial stimulation!

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Not me, @cookieman, I even sing (and not off-key) sometimes! :-)

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My stable is part Trader Joe apple juice mixed with Trader Joe plain sparkling water, refrigerated.

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Classic Coke, all day every day.

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Iced tea or water.

I used to do Cherry Coke, but too much sugar.

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I mostly drink water, but also low sugar gatorade and coke zero.

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Wait. A couple of weeks ago I was experimenting bacon grease infused vodka. I wanted to use the mix for some kind of bloody mary mixed drink. Alcohol dissolves grease so I figured it would go into solution at some level. I filtered the mix at different temperatures to just above freezing. I did not want the bacon grease to come out of solution and stick to the ice cubes. I was unsuccessful. The stuff looked terrible. Bleech.

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@LuckyGuy You are one nutty engineer!

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@LuckyGuy going a bit bonkers, are we?

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I made a liter of egg liqueur, because I wanted to try it.
It was thick enough to eat with a spoon, but so delicious.

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@ragingloli That sounds amazing. Everyone makes fun of me because they hate it.
How do you make it???

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You take 8 egg yolks and whisk in a packet (8 grams) of vanilla sugar in a bowl.
Then you add 250 grams of powdered sugar, 340ml of evaporated milk, and 250ml of white rum.
Put the bowl over a water bath, then whisk the mix for about 6 minutes, until the liquid becomes nicely thick. Watch the heat, or it could turn into scrambled eggs.
Then you fill it into sterilised jars and put them in the fridge.
According the the recipe I used, that should last in the fridge for about 6 months.

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Coffee or tea in the morning and water the rest of the day into the evening.

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Tea, either iced or hot. No sugar, no milk or lemon added.

In the morning I have a cup of coffee, with just a little milk.

I don’t drink alcohol, or soda, and very rarely I will have a glass of orange juice, or cranberry juice, and this week I had some eggnog (without alcohol).

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