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Is Dyslexia covred under the Americans with Disabilities Act?

Asked by EnzoX24 (1986points) November 11th, 2008

My girlfriend is attending a Veterinarian Technical School, and is afraid she is close to failing. One failed class and you are kicked out. The class she is afraid of failing has all short answer tests. Despite having mostly correct answers, the teacher deducts serious points for incorrect spelling and grammar.

The teacher refuses to give her special attention for her dyslexia and even the higher ups in the school agree. Their argument is that in the real world spelling counts and they don’t care about learning disabilities.

I am absolutely furious that her career may be in jeopardy because of this and I am ready to help her press charges if necessary. I tried searching the internet, but I have no idea what I’m looking for. If you have any expertise in Law, please help us.

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In the real world, we have computers that tell us when we misspell. Seriously.

IANAL, but the Americans with Disabilities Act would require an accommodation for the disability. It does appear to be covered. But I’m not sure to what extent, exactly, it can help her.

If she has a therapist or doctor she works with or has worked with, a meeting between them and the professor/higher ups might be beneficial.

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Misspelled words on a prescription/diagnosis would be a malpractice lawsuit.

Medicine is a tradeskill for those who can spell.

That’s harsh, I know.

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but that can be accomodated for with a clever doctor either with a tanscribing nurse/assistant or through good forms where you mostly use checkmarks to say what you need. It might look impersonal, but would be effective for the most common ailments. Anything unusual could be delegated back to a transcriber.

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The teacher is right: in the real world, spelling counts.

How does your girlfriend propose to get things spelled correctly when she’s working as a veterinary technician? This is her problem to solve, because she’s going to be competing against other vet-techs who can spell, and if she wants to succeed, she’s going to need to figure out how to do good work despite her learning disability. She can’t just shrug and say, “well, I’m dyslexic, let someone else figure out what I meant.”

Once she has that, she can then propose a reasonable accommodation.

Also, has she been formally diagnosed with dyslexia? If not, the school is not required to do a thing, and in fact the school may open itself up to lawsuits by doing anything. When I was teaching college freshmen, that was the official line: students who had a formally diagnosed learning disability could request all sorts of accommodations, while students who did not have the formal diagnosis got no special treatment—because otherwise every student who failed a test would have claimed to be dyslexic.

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If EnzoX24/s computer he wouldn’t have misspelled ‘Is Dyslexia covred under’. Maybe she would be better with an updated word processing program to see what the word looks like and hopefully could reproduce it on tests.

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Yes Dyslexia is covered by the ADA as I have the visual condition myself or as my doctors call it by it’s medical term as Strephosymbolia since all text appears as if in a mirror ” Hill = lliH ” to my range of vision .

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