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should michael vick be allowed to play football again?

Asked by Hawaiiguy (316points) August 22nd, 2007 from iPhone

I think the amount of his criminal and cruel acts should prevent him from being allowed to play again

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That creep shouldn't be allowed to walk on the streets let alone play football!!!

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No. Check out the editorial from one of the dogs who was actually IN Vick's dog-fighting ring:

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if dogs could talk eh, I dont take pity on him and hope he gets jail time, I do understand however the mental conditioning of him and his friends. I grew up around gang members in Venice California and saw a lot of dog fighting in oakwood park, I called the cops on numerous occasions but over the hears I realized these guys didn't see it as cruelity to animals, they live with the real thought of dying everyday and when you grow up with your friends and parents who dont see fighting as cruel or wrong you simply are "in the moment" if we ever get around to helping the poor gang infested cultures maybe then we can condition them about cruelty to animals. Until they can get good educations and put food on there table, I dont think we'll see an end to fighting

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I was born and raised in liberty city in Miami Florida, and I have seen and been invited to lots of dog fights. its so bad pitbulls are illegal in miami and just trying to buy a puppy can get you a fine of $1,000. i love dogs and i never bet on a fight, but i dont see how people can just crucify vick especially when the nfl and more importantly the fans have forgiven players who have been tried and convicted for worse. i mean attempted murder, manslaughter, domestic violence, assault, armed get my point.what vick did was illegal, but its not the worst in the world.. and if he is truly sorry he should be given the chance the have the good life he was trying to create from his "hood" background

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