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simply said, life… if my parents were pro-choice I wouldn’t be alive, thank God they were pro-life.

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@seVen: That’s a ridiculous stance. Just because they were pro-choice doesn’t mean they would abort you. There are many people who, despite believing other people deserve a choice, are not willing to get abortions themselves.

The best physical, tangible gift I’ve ever gotten… there are a few that come to mind. A friend once gave me a doll in my own image. That rocked. I still have it and the attention to detail is amazing, down to the box packaging, clothing, and accessories. Another friend used his impressive wood-burning skills to make a gorgeous box for me. And my boyfriend gave me a series of books that are incredibly important to me.

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The best gifts are not ones (for me) that are given on holidays or special occassions, but are the ones people just give because they thought of you.

A friend of mine (and also fellow Flutherite) brought me some reusable bags from Ikea, as we do not have one in our city and she had traveled there one weekend.

Something so simple was so touching! Just the fact that she thought of me, and picked out the bags in my favorite color, made my day.

Not to mention how awesome the bags are!!

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I am pro-choice but still had a child under tough circumstances. I was single, had no real job, and was failing miserably in college because my self esteem was in the dumps. Personally, I chose to have the child. She is now a blessing and mother to two of my grand children. I could never imagine personally having an abortion, I, like you think that life is sacred. I also know that it is not my place to make that difficult and excruciating choice for others. My heart aches for those that make that choice and I DO believe that it’s a choice they have to live with and may haunt them their whole life, but that is their burden to carry and it is not my place to enforce my choices on them.
As far as the question goes: The best gift I ever got was when my husband who had swore to never own another dog after his first wife seemed to love the dogs more than him ( as evidenced by the amount of space he was allotted to the bed compared to the dogs) bought me a dog anyway, abandoning his own self interest for my desire. By the way, Molly is not allowed in our bed.

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My cat LaBamba.

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My children.

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My favorite gifts are handwritten letters. I especially love the ones from my grandfather because they allow me to have a “conversation” with him even though he has passed away.

I think that a handwritten letter is about the best gift for me.

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A bowling ball.

glow in the dark mind you!

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The greatest give my wife and I ever received was from a stranger in 2000. She gave us her (now our adopted) daughter, Halle. We’ve had her since she was two days old. It’s kind of difficult to top a gift like that.

(Although my iPhone was a pretty great gift too.)

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My brother got me a Furby when I was a kid because he had a hookup at his Toys ‘R’ Us job. I got a really tiny present and as I unwrapped it there was a message written inside as each fold came undone… “Put these…new AA… batteries…in your….ever loving…Furby!” Or something to that effect. Then I squealed like a well, like a little girl and my brother got up and got it from the place of keeping until he could sell it on eBay‘honor’ and gave it to me. The Furby wasn’t so important, it’s one of the few times as a child my brother who was four years older than me was just plain sweet to me without throwing a teenage angst-ridden fit soon after. it’s more like my favorite memory of my brother. :)

And my sister took me to a MIKA concert for my 22nd birthday. It was basically perfect.

@seVen: Must you always bring your own off-topic personal ideologies to every simple question?
@chuck: Aw…. yay. :)

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My children, then my grandchildreN. They bring immense joy.

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My college education (still in the process btw…)

Thanks mom and dad!

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The absolute best gift I have ever or will ever received was that of Jesus Christ sacrificing his life for my sins so that I could live eternally with Him in heaven. :D

As far as tangible items are concerned, my mother gave me a 1.4 carat diamond for my 16th birthday that she’d been keeping for me since she discovered she was pregnant after three years of trying. She told me I could choose to do with it whatever I liked, be that have it set in a ring, put on a necklace, or placed into a bracelet. This meant so much to me because we really could have used the extra money at the time, but she felt it was more important to pass that on to me rather than relieve some of our financial worries… it now is in a beautiful silver ring setting, and I wear it everyday. :)

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My best gift; a cheese grater. I know it doesn’t sound like much, but it was the first gift my boys earned the money for and picked out by themselves.

And, it was the cadillac of cheese graters, too!!

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sadly, my grater is only a Pontiac.

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You are welcome to take my cheese grater a spin any time you want.

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My Nikon D200. That was the beginning and the ending of all my happiness.

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The gift of your friendship Judy. The gift of your friendship.

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My daughter

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Wow the best gift I ever received was the love of my wife which led to a lot of other gifts: my boy, my girl, my cats, my fish, and can’t forget the little turtle either. But, first and foremost, I have to give credit to the first gift for making all those other pleasant gifts possible…

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A music box in the shape of a carrousel horse. I had never had a birthday party. Three of us were born in July, late June and early August 3 years in a row. When we were kids a sheet cake would appear in the back yard on a summer day and all the neighbor kids would be invited over for a piece-that was the birthday.

When I was 44 my sister invited me over for dinner. It never crossed my mind that it was my birthday. When I walked in and all my siblings and my parents were there I was shocked. Everyone had gifts but they were the kind of things you give to a self-sufficient, no-nonsense, middle-aged woman. The one thing that stood out was the pastel music box. My Dad was the only one who seemed to know that inside there still existed the romantic young girl who decorated her room in pastel roses.

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Great story galileo! Much fluve!!!

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Notes from my daughter, telling me how wonderful I am and how much she loves me. I go back to them when my ego needs a boost.

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The gift of life

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i can’t think of a specific thing. although most of my family give me gifts i love, they aren’t terribly great at giving things that bear any special meaning. i appreciate them greatly, but sometimes i don’t want to have to make a ‘birthday list’, etc, i just want them to get me something or make me something they like.
but anyway.
the first thing that comes to mind is basically anything my brother has gotten me. although it’s always just been little random things he knew i was into, he always seemed so proud to get me something i liked. i don’t talk to him often, but whenever i come across something he gave me, i’m always just like ” :) ”

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My husband. Every day of my life with him is a gift.

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