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Why are poptarts packaged in as two when the serving size is one?

Asked by johnny0313x (1855points) November 13th, 2008

I know this is a little ridiculous, but it annoys me how pop tarts come two in a foil package. Not only do i usually only want one at a time, but the serving size is 1 pastry(which really who worries about that) and then you have this pop tart that you either try to fold the foil cause you are to lazy to get something that seals and hope its not stale when you return or force it down your throat….anybody feel me on this, what do you do when you just want one pop tart?

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Buy a plastic, airtight food container. You can throw any Lonely Tarts™ in there without having to seal the foil on them first. They’ll last forever.

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“Lonely Tarts™” LURVE!

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That would be the common sense route, I just feel like someone should write the pop tart company and let them know that this is annoying haha. Pop tarts are a quick snack, that you can pop outta the box and into your mouth….there no quick popping about zip locking or sealing the other tart. If i wanted to go that route, id make real food haha…just my thoughts…im lazy i guess

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This is a lot like the #1 thing that pisses me off about Subway:

The way they arrange their cheese. Only half of the sandwich has cheese on it because they overlap the triangles, whereas if they went for a jigsaw arrangement we would get full cheese coverage.

It’s like these guys have no common sense, or atleast don’t eat their own stuff.

Subway is sort of crappy anyway. It’s an “OK” lunch I guess.

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right and they call themselves sandwhich artists?!?! I guess they want to save on that slice of cheese they are leaving off buy not putting them in the “jigsaw arrangement”
This is how they do it: /\/\/\/\/\
This is how they should do it: \//\\//\\//\\//\\//\\//\\//\

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That’s an excellent illustration might I add. :)

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Thanks ha, what can i say my skill level impresses many…

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People eat pop tarts without toasting them first?

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It’s just so that you go through the box faster and are forced to buy another one to subdue the craving. It’s all about making money, I tell you it’s a marketing scheme.

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Possible Reason #1: Two slots in a toaster?

Possible Reason #2: Putting nutritional information for two Pop Tarts
on the package would be too off-putting for consumers?

They should put in zip-lock thingies on the packages.

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Friends don’t let friends eat pop tarts alone.

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It’s an evil plot set up by the pop tart baking elves!!!

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I consider two Pop Tarts to be a single unit. I refer to the pair in the singular. I often have difficulty when attempting to speak of a single, dopplegangerless Pop Tart, occasionally referring to such a lonesome unit as a half Pop Tart.

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(1) I got tired of getting burnt by the filling.
(2) I spent my first three years of college without access to a toaster. Now I have one, but it’s, you know… downstairs.

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It helps kids to learn a very important lesson.

Share, or get fat.

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Pop tarts are nice, so why have 1, whrn you can 2!!!

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