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What is a great place to get business cards made? Either online or a store?

Asked by mikey7183 (338points) November 17th, 2008

I am looking for the highest quality there is for printing business cards

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Online.. I haven’t gotten to use them yet, but I was impressed with the quality of the stuff they sent me…

Judo Marketing

I’ve tried Overnight Prints twice after receiving several recommendations, both times the printing wasn’t very good… once bad enough that we had to get the whole set reprinted…

The best way to go if you’re printing a decent number would be someone local that you could work with on things like stock selection and making sure your colors come out like you want them. Also, that way you’re building a relationship you can use next time you need something printed.

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If you want highest quality, find a print shop in your area that does letterpress business cards. They won’t be cheap, but they will be works of art.

If you just want cheap and easy, google for ‘business card printing’ and go with whichever company appeals to you.

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I have tried VistaPrint with alright results. My latest order was through Zazzle and their new pearl extra heavy paper stock. That felt very impressive and had no bleed issues like the previous order had. Zazzle allowed for personal design uploads and all. Maybe no the cheapest option online but very cool.

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You should check locally with a designer. I am sure you have someone close to you in your community that can provide awesome cards.

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You want 4 color offset press for highest quality.
Probably a nice heavy 100# or 110# cover stock.

Definitely shop the local printers as they will be your best bet.
Most of the online places are digital print houses and won’t provide the same kind of quality you will get from an offset press.

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