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Ooh - the pictures and text on the little bar at the top change now! i'm mesmerized. are you?

Asked by La_chica_gomela (12547points) November 17th, 2008

I noticed this like 5 seconds ago. don’t tell me it’s been around a long time. has it? were you mesmerized? for like 5 seconds? be honest!

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I like the red one, they all look like they’re on the happiest pills ever.

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I love the jellies in the submarine. My mezmerization has now officially lasted longer than five seconds.

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Its bothering me….. Its because none of the jellys have glasses, its like knowing someone their whole life that wears glasses and then when you see them with them off they look completely different. The eyes are bothering me lol, therefor “Trusted Community” is my favorite heh.

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Great question? Yeah it’s totally awesome! OMG! I think the jellies had Lasik and they are just showing off.

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Good stuff.

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wow i could have sworn those things changed all the time all along. great observation!

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Hah, as I soon as I saw it I knew there was probably a question regarding it, so I went to the questions and lo and behold… :)

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The illustrations are really cute, but I wish it didn’t say “Join for Free!” even when you’re logged in. Makes me feel like I’m only half of a member. :) I’m going to go pester Andrew about that.

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We all live in an orange submarine. Works for me.

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generalspecific, i thought that too, but i was wrong, sooooo… ;-)

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I’m having trouble with the ‘no glasses’ look, too. It almost looks like Dr. J up there on the left is the grownup, and all the other jellies are kids! Somehow, the glasses add some authority : )

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augustlan, aw, that’s so true!!!

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asmonet, the more i look at them all, the more the red one is my favorite too. it just looks so warm and inviting. there’s something about the shades of red that kind of makes my eyes pop…in a good way though…

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@chica: Right? Same, I like the color. But mostly I like how all the little darlings are looking at me expectantly as if they’re all just dying to know what I have to say. :)

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