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Acuvue Oasys contacts?

Asked by clairedete (331points) November 18th, 2008

Does anyone use Acuvue Oasys contacts? Do you notice that about when it’s time to use a new pair they start to get very blurry? This is happening to be right now & I just want to make sure I’m not crazy.

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Yes! I use them and I’ve noticed the same thing. I can’t make them last as long as I used to let my other Acuvue2’s, but in the end the Oasys are way more comfortable. The other thing I noticed is that they tend to chip more towards the end, too.

Btw: I’m not sure where you get yours, but Costco sells them really cheaply.

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Exactly what figbish said.
I used to be able to wear my Acuvue2’s way past the 2 week date. The Oasyses are way better, but when they’re done, they are freaking done.

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My son uses them… he hasn’t mentioned your observation but he does love them!

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I also wear Acuvue Oasys. I haven’t noticed them getting blurry toward the end of the recommended wearing period, but I have noticed that they become uncomfortable more quickly than my past lenses (O2 Optics). However, the Oasys lenses are much more comfortable for the wearing period. That comfort just degrades a little more quickly.

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