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Why does my chihuahua attempt to rape only one of my cats?

Asked by electricsky (825points) November 18th, 2008

I have this chihuahua and he’s exceptionally horny. But only for one of my cats. They all act basically the same with him but he’s really interested in just the one… it’s a little disturbing.

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Before I read the description, I thought “only” applied to “attempt” rather than to “one.”

Thus, I read it as, “Why does my chihuahua only attempt to rape my cat? Why doesn’t he just effin’ rape her???”

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Because that one’s been asking for it.

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I don’t know but this is a hilarious question. points for you electricsky! And welcom to fluther

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@girlofscience: lol! I edited that out… it makes more sense now… (I hope)

@comedian: thank you! :)

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My guess is that cat is the slowest.

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no prob. That semi what I’m here for

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@electricsky: Haha, yes, that clears it up, but it read even funnier before.

Anyway, I may be able to give you some insight into your actual question. I have a two-year-old female cat (Ilsa) and 2 female twin kittens (Nicolette and Alexandria). Ilsa is far more affectionate with Nicolette than with Alexandria, and it just seems to be because their personalities are more similar. Alex is sweet and demure. Ilsa plays with her sometimes, but usually Alex takes it for about ten seconds and then moves along because Ilsa is a bit too rough for her tastes. Nicki, on the other hand, looks up to Ilsa as a role model, as they are both feisty and aggressive. Nicki can take any amount of play-fighting and loves cuddling/fighting with Ilsa.

In the case of my girls, relationships seem strongly driven by personality characteristics. (Nicki and Alex also have a strong relationship with each other, as they are the same size and genetically related. And were born and survived together in a dumpster.)

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@girlofsceience: hmm… the cat he tends to like the best is sort of calmer and more laid back, whereas my other two cats (the only other two he as access to) are more high strung and easily spooked. one of them in particular is so easily freaked out that if you even walk towards him too quickly he’ll hide, so he may cancel him out as being to hard to get to, anyway, and the other one will fight back too much. so maybe he just picked him because that cat will let him do whatever.

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Weren’t Nicky and Alex the twin boys on Full House?

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@MacBean: lol, yes, these girls are named after them…but their formal first names are different.

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It all comes down to a behavioral problem, you should take him to the vet and have him fixed if you haven’t already, or you can take him to a trainer for behavior training. Silly answers there.

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Maybe it’s just a chemical preference…he likes her pheromones better?

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I have a chihuahua that does the same thing.

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Well what makes it the weirdest is that the cat is male. And we are planning on getting the chihuahua neutered… very soon… but not soon enough…

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Not to come off like an a-hole here,

but I always knew those dogs were gay.

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Heehee, puppy rapist. He clearly has a complex.

My dog is a butch lesbian, we tried to mate her a few times, she just kept running away getting behind the dude and going to town. While she was at it she’d look at us. Seemingly for our approval. Sometimes, I wonder about her.

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sounds like a serial rapist. Find other cats like the one being humped, and see if it creates a similar response ;)

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