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How does one ship a super small studio apartment's worth of stuff from one state to another?

Asked by jessenicholas (2points) August 26th, 2007

I have an assortment of personal belongings (about enough to fill a small bedroom: bed, dresser, chair, boxes of books, clothes, etc.) in Wisconsin and I need it to go to Massachusetts. I am not with the items. What is the cheapest way to get it from point A to point B without driving it myself? Time is not a problem.

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It used to be that the big moving companies would “piggyback” a smallish load in a van if it were heading in your new direction. Don’t know whether that still applies. Call one of the more reliable (what a joke) cos. and ask about polcy. It also used to be $1000 minimum. Movers used to pack too, but that adds money. There is Craigs List, but who knows who will show up.

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I shipped stuff by train years ago from Texas to California. It was very inexpensive.

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pack your stuff in one of their containers…they come pick it up and deliver wherever you want

simple and easy

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Try ABF UPACK. I’ve used them before and found them to be reliable and less expensive vs. PODS.

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Amtrak or greyhound. it’s cheaper than UPS or Fed-Ex, but you have to have someone drop it off & you’d have to pick it up at the station

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