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Ok, Flutherites, are you a woman or a man?

Asked by asmonet (21433points) November 22nd, 2008

Chick or Dude? Lady or Gent? Sausage or Taco?
Some recent questions have made wonder what all ya’ll really are. I seem to have a few misconceptions, and from what I gather, a lot of you do too. Answer if you want. No big. :)
Just curious.

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I’m a chickadee. Your turn!

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I’ll get back to you on that.

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boo. Are you a sausage taco?


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I am a blob of cells and genes, who in a unfortunate twist of life, suffered a trauma in my mothers womb, begetting the body of a man and the mind of a woman, thus I shall suppose that on the outside I am male, so I shall be classified, thusly.

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I’m a lady.

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I am woman – hear me roar. rowrrrrrrr

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hehehe, I am made of fabulous and rainbows! I know I just answered but I just thought of that one!
I am amorphous, able to change my base genetic coding with the few taps of my magic mac keyboard!

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I want to be called Diane. Tell me I’m a pretty girl.

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Woman. This reminds me of a scene in The Drowsy Chaperone with-Aldolpho.

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Saucy saucy sausage here.

If you’re trolling for dates, I’m taken, just like “pretty” AC^.

just kidding about the trolling thing, as

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@AstroChuck I think you look more like a Babs or maybe a Ginger.

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I’m a duderonomy, part beast.

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Chuck, you’re a pretty pretty girl.

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I’m kinda both!

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Me, too, because I have an X chromosome and a Y chromosome.
Plus I can tuck it between my legs. That’s so much fun!

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I just spit out my chips! OMG!!!

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Is gender really relevent anyway?

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It is if you’re picking up hookers!

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Tell that to Eddie Murphy!

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Not particularly, I was just curious. :) Like I said, answer if you want, otherwise feel free move along. I wouldn’t be upset even if someone posted that they declined to answer.

Plus I secretly wanted my nonfriend Chuck to amuse me with his antics.

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Soo…how does one refer to a surgical/hormonal transvestite? (reference Eddie Murphy)

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In Eddie Murphy’s, and Michel Jackson’s case: FAIL
In every other case: Human

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GA and high five to loser for “kinda both.” Me, too. :D

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Edit: DAMN, Squirbel got to it first!

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delirium, I always thought of you as XXX.

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delirium, I always saw you more as, a vaporous collection of ideals, assembled together in the body of a young girl. So I see it more as a chromosome type of: ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXXYZ

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Very much a woman.

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Easy to tell from my name… Male

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Right. Because all Mexican-Americans have peen.

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Man, dude, male, and gentleman.

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lulz, peen. One of my favorite words.

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Man, boy, dude, guy, hombre, homey, buddy, son, father, him, he, sir, mister, seƱor, alpha, sausage, mate, fella. I can’t think of any others.

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I think you covered all of them….LOL

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@mac: me too! :D

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Possessing a schlong.

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Not possessing a schlong.

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Astro: For you, baby, I always will be. Rawr!

And jt: I’m taking that as a compliment, no matter how it was intended. :D

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A very tomboyish woman.

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Tomboys rock!

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I’m F for faaaantastically fabulous female.

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I’m with loser on this one…
“I’m kinds both!”

Although I do so enjoy being a man, sometimes I wish I were a woman. (and no, I don’t have that desire enough to try and change it…)

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I’m a Dame.:-)

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I’m a lady thank you very much.

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Man, I feel like a woman i don’t even care for country music usually

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I like that song too, and I very much dislike new country. I’ll take Willy and Loretta any day.

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I think I’m male…

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Dis loon don’t deliver no eggz! But I do keep ‘em warm.

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My penis enjoys vagina

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Zaku is male and yet somewhat disturbed by the food analogies in this question.

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AstroChuck is somewhat disturbed by Zaku speaking of himself in the third person.

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More of a Woah-man. No but seriously, a dude.

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@AstroChuck – Third-person phobic, eh?

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banana between two oranges. Male.

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Oranges? Must be tough to walk around with that package all day : )

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Haha! okay not that big but they’re the right size. : )

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Might be worth it for that citrusy-fresh smell.

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And now the food analogies are getting worse.

I fully support this trend.

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