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Is Reggae music the ultimate therapy, or what?

Asked by loser (14965points) November 22nd, 2008

Seriously, can anyone be in a bad mood listening to Bob Marley?

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Damn straight. I’m listening to this little gem right now.

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‘Concrete Jungle’ is pretty depressing. Groovily depressing, but still..

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Yeah mon. I present you: Steel Pulse.
I cannot be sad listening to that song.

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Lord yes, I like maybe three songs, and I don’t think I’ve ever sat through any of them from beginning to end voluntarily. Ugh.

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I was grooving on it all day at work once a long time ago and I always remember a coworker getting upset about it and uttering the famous last words: “It all sounds the same.” So the answer to your question is….It depends.

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the other day i was cleaning and found a hula hoop from when i was like 10. i swear i hula hooped for like 2 hours listening to bob marley. it really can’t get better than that.

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