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Which imsurance companies should i apply for?

Asked by afghanmoose (554points) December 1st, 2008

im looking for the best health,dental,life insurance for my wife and i; but the thing is theres so many. also my wife is waiting for her work permit and green card,but would it be ok to apply her with me for the insurance even though we did not apply for a social security number yet. and which insurances are the way to go for beginning couples?

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I have been using Golden Rule for over a year and it has been great health insurance. My deductible was high but one of my doctor visits cost that much and I have been going to specialist every week and they are covering my surgery this week in full. I have no more co-pays but I didn’t spring for a good prescription plan so my medicine is about $250 dollars a month. I pay $90 a month plus about $30 for dental.

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