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Why does my internet keep disconnecting?

Asked by The_Inquisitor (3155points) December 1st, 2008

I’ve had this problem before, usually it just reconnects after a while—> if i turn off my computer, or right click on my Wireless Network connection thing and click “repair”. But this happens so often now. About every 5–10 minutes (or more)it disconnects, it gets really annoying. What is the problem? I’ve even brot this computer to PC Place.. some computer store, and they charged us like 70 bucks. They only cleaned it and said it was dirty, but i doubt that this is the computer’s problem, I think it is the network connection. In the past, I’ve phoned them a bunch of times for this exact problem, they turned the thing up till the signal strength was high… but even at that point, it still disconnected on me occasionally, but now it’s happening a bit TOO much! =\ Does anyone know wut’s wrong with it? and What should i do?

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Do you have the most up to date firmware and drivers for the router and wireless card?

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How far away are you from the wireless router? Is there anything near you or it that might be causing interference (lights, tv’s, monitors, fridges, microwaves, speakers, wireless phones)? Are there other wireless networks in range (they might be interfering)?

I would try ‘power cycling’ they wireless router (unplug it for 30sec plug it back in). Then I would also try to login to the web management and see if anything is wrong (Warning advanced stuff, the url for that is probably:

Lastly it could be the wireless chip in your computer, might be some sort of electric static from your computer. I have no idea, I made that last one up.

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Well, the wireless router is in the basement, i guess there’s a tv in the way, and right by the computer. I’m about… 21 steps from the router. (srry, not too sure.)

But thanks for the help, I’ll try that unplugging thing etc.

@Eambos—> I really dunno the answer to that question. I’m sure everything is new tho.. lol. if that helped answer the question. haha.

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Is your computer the only one connected?
If not, see if the connection is broken by the router or by the computer. If you have a second computer connect one via wireless the other through a cable and when the disconnect happens have a look if the cabled PC still works.
IF that is the case then the fault lies within your computer, its wireless chip or simply some windows setting.
IF NOT then try the router setup and make sure the connection is set to ‘Always On’ or something similar. Many routers by default use a ‘on demand’ type of function that intercepts your computers request to use the web then connect to the web and let you use it, it happens pretty quickly so you may or may not even notice this but it may be the root of all your troubles. I personally have set mine up to be always connected whether i need the net or not.

Hope this helps.

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@Meemorize—hmm.. how will i set the connection to always be on? I don’t know how to get there.. haha i’m hopeless with computers. I found something that says “whenever this network is detected, Windows can connect to it automatically.” and then a box that is checkable, beside the box states—> Connect when this network is in range. (and i have it checked)
I’m not sure if that had anything to do with anything. =S

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PS: The wireless is used for also 2 other computers, but only mine is the one that always loses it’s connection.

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unfortunately networks are hard to analyze if you are not physically in front of them to check it all out. but seeing as the other computers are fine it sounds like more of a windows system issue or a wireless chip problem than a fault within the actual internet connection that is made by the router.

sorry i can’t be of much help here, i use a mac myself and don’t know too much about Windows anymore.

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@curiouscat “connect when this network is detected” and “connect to it automatically” are both good, that might help your connection ‘appear’ more stable as it will auto-reconnect in theory.
Maybe trying to install an updated driver for you wireless would help(i doubt it, but meh, give it a shot) (start->right click “computer”-> “manage” -> on left Select “device manager” -> on right expand “Network Adapters” -> right click the ‘wireless’ one -> “update driver software” .... select “search automatically”) if you don’t know which one is the wireless… just do them all, it can’t hurt to update all of them if there are updates. oh and make sure you are online, that’s where it will get the updates…. irony….
Ultimately…. you could go buy a USB wireless network thing. to plug into your laptop. I think they are around $35. It might be a little annoying, but it hypothetically it will operate better than the one in your laptop.

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5–10 minutes? Wow. For me in 1hour it disconnects. I reset my computer and it continues, but for some reason after updating my computer, it never disconnects anymore. Try use windows update, do all the important ones and recommanded ones. Still, repairing it or disconnecting it and connect it back will make it worse. Logging off and shutting down will make the internet disconnect around 1hour or 45 minutes. Doesn’t matter what u are using unless it is a virus connection.
It disconnects because people in your house change the internet. For example: Link 31 to Linksys 31. When you were using Link 31, it never disconnects. When it changes, it intercepts ur orginal internet and the internet messes up.

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