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What is a good topic or skill that is apt to be in the zone proximal development for most students in second grade.

Asked by missjena (918points) December 1st, 2008

Can you explain how you would 1) scaffold students’ efforts and 2) change the scaffolding over time

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My daughter was in a blended K-3 class for K-1, and they did a daily “incredible equation” where the answer had to be equal to the date. The number of operations varied over time, and by skill level. The first week or two, the parental involvement was heavy, but got less as time went on.

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What subject area?

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The gap can be fill with public psichologi.

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any subject area.

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Can you specify a subject area, just to help narrow down your question? It feels impossibly broad. Can you also specify time of year? Beginning of 2nd grade is quite different from middle and end, in terms of ZPD. Are you a teacher? Are you studying to be a teacher? Just wondering what is behind your question.

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I’m studying to be a teacher. I actually had to answer that for a final and your right it is very broad. I did answer it though and I handed in the final.

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