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My dogs head has red soares on it?

Asked by johnny0313x (1855points) December 1st, 2008

I know I have been asking alot of questions about my dog and I am working on scheduling a vet visit (ASAP now) he has been getting tiny soars or bumps on his legs and headd, at first i thought it was heat soars or whatever they call them, then i thought maybefleas. I see no fleas and I do have medicine on him for them. I think thought it was an allergic reaction to the wet food I wass giving him. I stopped the wet food and on his legs it seemed to clear up. He has very little fur since he is part pit, however on his head, there is a scab and i gave him a bath tonight and it seems to have gotten worse on his head! I dont think its an allergic reaction to the shampoo since this was happening prior to using the shampoo. here is a photo of what it looks like. It actually looks worse in the photo then it does in person, but I thought maybe one of you might have an idea of what it is.

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I thought i should add that he does not seem to be in any discomfort. he does lick and bite his legs alot, but it doesnt seem to be a destructive bite, more like he is just cleaning up.

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Maybe he is itchy and scratching his head, so that is making it worse? What about the outside environment he is exposed to, since it is mostly on his legs? My dogs itch a lot and we think they could be allergic to the carpet shampoo. Could be lots of things…hmmm, I hope I was of some help??
Hope you can figure it out so your doggie can feel better real soon! :-)

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It kind of looks like “hot spots” which is allergys. My dog had them and needed medicine to keep it from flaring up.

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It might be a flea allergy. Is he also chewing off the hair around the sores?

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no, no hair is missing at all in fact he doesn’t scratch or try to touch his head, as if he doesn’t even no its there, even if i touch it, he pays no mind to it. however he does have similar but not exactly the same red marks on his genital area, the shaft part of the sheath to be vulgar and exact. to small red blotches and that he has been chewing at kinda and licking a lot.

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Whether it’s heat or flea based, it seems like it might be an allergy. Your vet will know right off. Aren’t you taking him in for his first round of shots anyway?

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2nd round of shots and neuturing, so im sure they will no but i wanted to make sure it wasnt anything super major or maybe just get an answer to feel at ease, so i thought id ask :)

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I wouldn’t worry too much. Even a rash could be because of something he rolled in (akin to poison ivy for people). It doesn’t look too bad from those pictures and since he’s a puppy, his little immune system is still developing.

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