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Being the end of 2008: Xbox360 or PS3?

Asked by rainsmoker (110points) December 4th, 2008

During the releases we all had our doubts, pros and cons, now they’ve been around for a while and we’ve seen them work. Which is the ultimate console?? which is yours???

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removed by self. Wii didn’t release this year so it’s not an option :(

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I have a Xbox360/Wii combo. There’s only one real game for PS3 I want to play, LittleBigPlanet, and I know a friend who has it so I’m not buying the PS3 anytime soon. My PS2 is still plugged in and used all the time though, so I’m not opposed to Sony or anything. I find I simply don’t need the fancy processing it provides (nor Blu-ray), as I do a lot of PC gaming and my rig is up to date. So for games that I might have considered for PS3 like Fallout 3, I have my PC to cover me.

The Wii’s still great, Cooking Mama’s made a big comeback in popularity in drunken games here at my place. Boom Blox is a solid game I recommend to every single Wii owner if not for the Sims style music which I so love. But I honestly don’t WANT to play it. I have Galaxy sitting here not even 50% complete… when push comes to shove I’d rather wail away on my drums in Rock Band 2 on 360 than chase stars.

I was considering it for FF13 but Square Enix smartly realized the folly in releasing it on that console alone, so I see no real desire to get it.

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@PnL: i already got that one and the difference with Wii is pretty obvious, that gameplay can’t be compared with anything. Still, i think Wii development has to catch up with graphic “standards” and improve it a lot to really create a new inmersive experience ftw.

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Hell yea Wii60! Picked up both for cheaper than the over sized dust collector PS3. Honestly the only game that has somewhat intrigued me from PS3 is LittleBigPlanet and im not going to buy a george foreman grill PS3 for that one game.

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Still it makes me wonder what the future will hold for all consoles. Probably now there isn’t an interesting game for PS3 besides LBP, but think of the capabilities of every machine and what developers will do with that, say in… 5 years.

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Just 360. I hate my Wii to extreme. Its like Nintendo came out and said “We’re rich as fuck, and we know you’ll buy our games no matter what we make and how bad we make them.”

Like everyone else said, PS3 only has LittleBigPlanet. I really don’t have much against Sony or anything, but if someone gave me a PS3, I’d sell it. I’d get way more use out of the $500 than the system itself.

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Now is indeed the best time to watch innovation happen in the world of consoles.

Nintendo is hedging its bets on making games that more people want to and can play, targeting markets never hit before by video games starting with the DS (young women and adults: Nintendogs and Brain Training) and continuing with the Wii. They don’t need fancy graphics, they’re looking at new ways to game, innovation over graphics. Sadly they’ve really been playing softball this past year, I want to see some POWER coming from the console, and more neat Mii integration.

Sony is pushing for technology as they always do. Their games often do look the best, but it’s so early in the console’s life that no one can harness the power successfully (compare Final Fantasy 7 to 9, and 10 to 12, both show the increases in capability demonstrated in previous PlayStation consoles). They are tech powerhouses, which means they’re expensive, combined with the games it releases they clearly target hardcore gamers. LittleBigPlanet shows a great direction in breaking past the hardcore gamer and through to the gamer’s kids and family.

Microsoft’s kinda playing in the middle of this. Consider that they basically used the technology of PC gaming and built a neat Live system around it, and they didn’t enter the video game market until recently, they’ve had time to evaluate with hundreds of meetings what would work on a console. They can easily add new tech in such as the video input, and writing games for it is dead simple for coders not to mention you can release your game on PC for no significant extra development cost. They’re not excelling in innovation as demonstrated by their avatar adoption, they’re not taking many risks (one can’t after the fiasco of the red ring of death issue), they’re just sitting with a solid console and a solid development base, which is a great place to be for them.

We had a thread a few days ago about what the next tech in video games might be that also has some cool thoughts.

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The problem is, the Wii isn’t innovative at all. Nintendo is packaging gimmicks with the “Innovation Stamp” marked on top of it. Remember when Twilight Princess came out? “Use your Wii remote as a sword!” What they should have said was “Waggle your Wii remote like an idiot!”

The Wii is all waggle controls. The games don’t follow your actions, they are programmed to respond to shaking.

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Got a 360 as a gift a couple years back and after playing Gears of War (now Gears 2), I was hooked. It’s clearly the best system…in my opinion. The new interface in particular is an amazing upgrade and reminds me of a game system Apple would of designed.

Just bought a Wii as well and they are a blast. I just wish they had a better community system.

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I have all three.

The Wii is my least favorite. Why?

- There are few games for us “hardcore” gamers
– The graphics look dated
– The online capabilities are handled horribly; friend codes? Really?
– The controller sucks for most purposes
– The games like to abuse the motion control in a gimmicky way

The Wii’s only saving grace is that of its exclusive “hardcore” games, every one is spectacular. Unless you count its superb backwards-compatibility.

PS3 and Xbox360 are kind of tied in my book. The Xbox360 has more great games, though. Unfortunately for me, I’m currently in an odd situation where getting Xbox live Gold (I have Silver) would be very impractical, but my PS3 is good.

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Xbox 360 has more games, the graphics are better (if you compare games released on both 360 and PS3).

PS3 dosn’t charge for online play and has a blu ray player (which means you don’t have to buy a seperate player to get HD films on your expensive HD TV).

If the 360 had had a HD DVD drive built in in the first place there would have been no competition.

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Although I might add I had to get this adapter for the 360 so I could connect to the internet wirelessly.

IT WAS $100.

The other two consoles have this built-in. Or, IIRC, the good version of the PS3 does. I got the good one a long time ago.

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I have a 360 but I’m really wishing it had Bluray. I do like a lot more of the games on 360 though. The price isn’t a concern, I’ve spent more on 360 than I would have if I had just gotten a PS3 after buying rechargeable batteries, wi-fi adapters, etc etc.

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They both suck in their own special ways!

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XBox 360 wins hands down in my opinion. They have a better live network, better exclusive titles, almost all titles that were once exclusive on PS3 can now be found on 360, and I just feel that the usability of it is much simpler.

I would only say but a PS3 if you want a blue-ray player….

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@StellarAirman: Yeah, that’s my biggest gripe. Hoping xbox gives us a new console soon that has blu ray capability.

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360. great graphics and lots of fun games for it :-)

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if you want a bluray and have a hdtv id go with ps3. however. if you just want to play games, 360.
I mean functionality, the ps3 is better
Gaming library 360 will always own.

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so, overall 360 graphics are better than PS3’s ?

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I’ve seen multiple comparisons of the graphics between the 360 and PS3 and there really isn’t a big enough difference to make that your deciding factor in my opinion. The PS3 has a big advantage with the BluRay player. The 360 is cheaper and has better exclusive games in my experience, but you have to buy a lot of extra stuff that is included standard with the PS3, such as online play ($50 a year for 360), Wi-Fi ($100 extra on 360), rechargeable controllers ($30 extra on 360) etc.

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I hate to admit it, but if you are looking for something that has a load of titles that all barrely are worth the money you pay for them (and you have lots of friends) go with 360. The PS3 would blow it out of the water… if it didn’t take 6 years to program a game for it. The 360 can have a a game turn around in about 2 years. The online networking is the same. I see no difference other then I have to pay Microsoft to play their games online, but not Sony.
The PS3 has a larger media base, allowing you to download more types of things and play it on the PS3, it has blue-ray. 360 allows you to play your music over any game, PS3 does not. The 360 controller are better, as they are harder to brake (I crushed three PS3 controllers in the span of a week they are so fragile)
So, ya, in summery, if you are willing to pay the money get the 360 and buy a gold membership, play online with your friends.

One last note: In my option the PS3 has better download content (like games that only can be downloaded threw the systems online network,) but the 360 shows promise with their “online events,” and the many upcoming “Community Games” (home brew 360 games.)
Last thing I am going to say: The graphics are basically the same, but load times are 600% better (that is sarcasm, I don’t know the actual number) on the PS3, for obvious reasons.

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