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Which video game console is better, the PS3 or the Xbox 360?

Asked by caberon (1points) February 15th, 2008

I don’t know which one should I get, I like the xbox 360 because it has tons of games, but the ps3 has FF XIII coming out this year…

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I have both systems and I would recommend the PS3 for the following reasons:

1) Built in Blu-Ray Player
2) Built in wireless (depends on which model you buy)
3) Free online game play
4) Metal Gear Solid 4
5) HDMI Support

The 360 has comparable graphics, but there seems to be a lot of hardware issues( the red ring of death) with the console.

Good Luck!

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A significant portion of hardware problems have been smoothed out since the XBox 360 switched to the smaller chipset over the summer. The PS3 has more raw power, but few titles are taking advantage of it, so it seems like their graphics capabilities are similar. But… it’s #3 among the consoles for a reason – there are very few quality titles that make it worth buying.

I’m not really a console gamer, though. I have my Wii and that’s enough.

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I’m all about 360. My roomate bought a ps3 and we were very unimpressed! Espically for the price. Sure ff XIII will be awesome, but there are many great games for the 360. The 360 elite has HDMI support as well.

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The XBox 360 Pro now has HDMI, as well.

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Yea 360 is definitely the way to go. I see the ps3 as an over priced dust collector. Or at least it has been to everyone i know who has one. As far as what robhaya said about free online yea thats nice and all but their service is horrible. It is poorly moderated if at all so everyone cheats and stuff tends to lag a lot. Where as with 360 yea you have to pay for live but its like 60 dollars a year thats nothing and Microsoft provides a much better more enjoyable online experience.

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Personally, i’m a fan of the Nintendo Wii, because I enjoy the style of party games they make, but if I had to choose, my money would be on the 360.
1. Yes, blu-ray is cool, but the 360 will play DVD’s so you don’t have to go buy a whole new type of disk.
2. It may not have wireless, but the simplicity and availability of Live are worth it.
3. Oblivion for 360 is designed very specifically for the systems parameters, so lag is minimal compared to PC.
4. Halo
5. The red ring of death, for all its downfalls, is pretty cool looking…

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I bought a 360 Elite in July and I am completely satisfied. I love the HDMI port, huge HD and of course the black looks good, too.

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I own both, it it’s truly personal prefrence. If you pefer online gaming, it’s the 360 all the way. But if you want a (admitidly BAD internet browser) and graphics (which will only be better on ps3 exclusive titles) then go for the ps3. But in the long run, its what kind of games you play. So I would look up some titles you want for both, and go with the system that has the most you want.

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i’ve had my 360 for 5 months i hit the RROD which is terrible, i wish now i bought a ps3 but a lot of people have told me,
“STICK WITH UR 360!” lol, i guess i really like my xbox

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I prefer Ps3 for a couple reasons. While 360 may have more game titles, it doesn’t mean they’re good ones. I’ve never had any trouble finding good games to get for my Ps3. The games I do have are Motorstorm, Grand Theft Auto IV, Orange Box, Call of Duty IV, and Madden 08.

The 360’s hardware is pathetic. Almost all my friends who have one have had theirs broken at least once. The one person’s 360 broke and scratched their Halo 3 disk because of it. The online for Ps3 seems completely fine to me. Out of all the games I have the only one with online problems was Orange Box. Sixty Dollars a year might not be a lot to some but that would be for me because if I have my ps3 as long as I’ve had my ps2 than it would add up to about 240 dollars at least. The internet browser for Ps3 is just like a computer’s because you can hook up a mouse and keyboard in the usb ports or wirelessly.

Although this is only a prediction, I think that as the next two years progress graphics for big name games will too. Meaning in about two years from now only Ps3 will have the ability to support them.

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Asking which is better is a subjective question. It’s merely an opinion.

If you’re asking which system is technically superior based on hardware specifications, it would be the PS3.

There’s very little difference between the graphic capabilities, however. At least to the human eye. ;-)

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XIII is coming to 360. Go for the 360, more games, more players, lower price. I have all 3 and my ps3 is basically a blu-ray player that also happens to be capable of playing games too. Plus I have heard that the newer ps3’s aren’t backwards compatible. Don’t know if that is true or not.

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the 360 for sure it is just so much more user friendly, and the controller has a trigger feel to it which is freakin sweet for first-person shooter games.

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