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Do you ever suspect other Flutherers are people you know?

Asked by EmpressPixie (14733points) December 5th, 2008 from iPhone

I do. I’m suspicious of some of you. Especially you, there, no, to the left one, yes, you!

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Ask poof and scamp. They might be able to give you some insight.

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I am pretty new, so not exactly, but a little. I wonder if there is a chance I know anyone on this site. :P

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I wish they were! My social life would be a lot more fun and interesting if some of these folks were around to talk to.

A site like this crosses all kinds of boundaries, from cultural and geographical to social and generational. Isn’t that a big plus? People who feel comfortable here might just prefer seeing others and being seen in the nonsuperficial ways: letting our shared knowledge and the expression of our thoughts reveal who we are without the distracting or detracting effects of misleading or simply suboptimal appearances.

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I don’t need to be suspicious. I have many relatives and a few friends here. I loved them BF. But I have made some very interesting and unexpected friends…starting with the 14 yr.old Klaas#. He and I mark the age boundaries, at present, of the site.

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I would be surprised. I would ask them why we never talk about stuff like this when we are together.

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@Snoopy: I’m curious as to why scamp or I would have any insight?

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We have never hidden the fact that we are co-workers and sit side by side at work. So what does your answer mean Snoopy?

What’s up doc??

Like gail, I have no reason to be paranoid because I know who is here in my circle of family and friends, because I invited them here myself .

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jeez, guys!

I just meant that you two know each other in real life. Like the question asks about…?

That is it. Nothing more, nothing less.

Sorry I posted.

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No need to be sorry. I just wondered what you meant. Thanks for clarifying your answer. In case you misunderstood the last line of my post, I was answering the question. It has nothing to do with your post.

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And I just wanted to know why we might have insight, like I said. Because I thought maybe you were under the impression we were both on Fluther and realized it later, which wasn’t the case. That’s all. I meant nothing by it.

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No. It wouldn’t happen.

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I don’t believe anyone here knows me, I actually found fluther by chance, and was fascinated. I hadn’t ever heard of it before, and have been hooked since my first encounter.

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I do wonder from time to time. I know no one in my current circle is on here, but it’s possible that people I’ve known in the past are. If we ever have that Fluther convention, maybe I’ll get to find out.

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I wish I knew a lot of people here. Several in this thread, in fact. I just think it would be fun to all go bowling together or something.

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I know that I know a few people from here. Hobbes and lefteh and Trumie.

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I came to fluther just to respond to benseven’s post and get a dropbox invite. Months later, I can’t stay away.

Anyway, I always imagine that you guys are the other people in the asylum.

As soon as I turn my back, you run in your rooms and pretend to be someone different on the Internet.

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Yep! I invited a friend on here, and he said he’d join. Last I checked, he still hadn’t registered, or so he says. He’s probably on here somewhere…

@loser- I’m down for bowling. Name the day and the place, aaaaaaaaaand I probably won’t go.

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Part of the reason Fluther appeals to me so much is because I can ask questions I wouldnt necessarily be able to ask my friends.

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Apparently someone who just joined seems to know much about me.

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yessss :)
ha, cyndihugs i know her ;)
shes right next to me!!

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yes i was
four hours ago

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