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What does it mean to be someone's "boo," "cutie," "sweeti," etc.?

Asked by sillymichelleyoung (217points) December 7th, 2008

I mean, we’re not even together. I do not understand.

Any suggestions?

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umm.. i call my boyfriend those name


i guess they are probably interested in you.. and they call you these lil sweet things :)

WOoOOoOo .. HAH :)

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Means he probably has a crush on you. But not always.

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Hopefully it doesn’t mean he forgot your name.

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@ melly6708 – ahaha thanks :)
@ trumi – possibly I guess? the reason why i asked this question is because he said this to me, “you know, you’re my ‘boo’” and then the subject totally changed
@ chyna – nahh it didn’t forget my name (thank goodness)

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Better ask him straight out. Sometimes guys who are playing games drop these little hints to string you along, sometimes they really are interested. Hard to tell unless you ask straight out.

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@ Judi, I think I will take your advice. Thanks!

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Whatever his reason, it sounds like he has a lot of affection for you! Is this the only thing he does, or is he dropping other hints?

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Some guys do it because it’s like fake closeness. Or he has early Alzheimers and cannot remember your name

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@ scamp – I guess he’s been dropping some hints recently. He wants to know what guys I’m into and we’ve been talking on the phone for 3 hours every night for the past 2 weeks. And he planned an ice skating trip. But still, I kind of wonder…

I think I better ask him straightforward. I rather not get the wrong impression.

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Is he your cutie? Would you like him to be?

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Talking on the phone for 3 hours a night for two weeks means you’re dating.

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Ah, I agree about asking him, but do so gently. You don’t want to scare him off if he is shy. Good luck!!

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@ cdwccrn – I think I’m starting to have feelings for him to be honest. ;] :X
@ AlfredaPrufrock – haha. xP
@ scamp – True. I’ll probably ask him after the lab class we have together tomorrow. Or whenever I think is right.

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3 hours every night for 14 days?????? that’s 42 hours of your life! yes. he definitely likes you. no single guy wastes that much time talking to someone he isn’t interested in.

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I can’t remember the last time I had 42 free hours in two weeks.

Anywho, this guy CLEARLY likes you. Tell him you are flattered by the attention a wondered if he likes you.

He’ll more than likely stare at his feet and mumble, “Um, yeah…kinda.”

Let the schlub off the hook. Tell him you like him too and make plans for a real date.

Good luck.

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So, just incase anyone was wondering – I asked him last night & he does like me. We’re planning on going ice skating next week (after finals T_T).

Thanks for the answers!

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Yay! Congratulations on having the guts and intelligence to just ask him instead of playing a 3 week long “does he like me?” “does he not like me?” game. Have fun at your date =)

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aw how cute.. :)

GOOD LUCK… just be your self and have fun

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Excellent! Maturity and romance. What a combination.

Best of luck. Have a blast.

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