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How would you take this joke/dare if you were the victim?

Asked by The_Inquisitor (3155points) December 7th, 2008

A friend that you used to be very close with, but now drifting away and becoming merely friends, or even aquaintances. Both thinking that they secretly hate each other, then one day, after a while of not really talking nor hanging out as much. Was dared to go up to him and say that she loved him and was only hating him because she didn’t want to love him.

How would you feel after your friend told you that, and then after your reaction, was told that it was a dare and caught on video? Would you be mad? Hate them? Act as if it was really funny, and laugh, but think to yourself “that wasn’t funny one bit”?

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It’s never funny to use somebody else’s life or heart for a playground. Those aren’t friends. That wasn’t a joke. It was a cruel, selfish act. My reaction would be to stay as far away from them as I could in the future. So sorry that you had to go through that. They’ll get theirs, don’t worry.

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Oh I didn’t go through that. It was just a random “what if” question

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I’d think they were a horrible human being.

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Not funny

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I don’t take dares of any kind and always taught my children to walk away from any “I dare you.” (I hope they did.) Jokes that mess with people’s emotions for laughs are not funny. I would want nothing to do with people who pulled a stunt like that.

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Incredibly not funny. Wow.

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Out of curiosity, how on earth did you manage to think up such a detailed—not to mention awful—hypothetical situation?

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That would be horrible.
I’m going to second amandala’s question.

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See the thing about jokes is they’re supposed to be funny and enjoyable for everyone. Your situation is not a joke, it a cruel prank done by people who have no qualms using emotions like puppet strings. Such people would not be my friends.

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While I’m aware it makes me seem like a spoilsport on camera later, I would explain why and how that is not funny. And I’d probably also suggest some sort of humanizing experience as those who’d come up with it have obviously lost any sense of compassion or sensitivity they’ve ever had.

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I think if you’re immature enough to do something that a friend suggests you do, when you think it’s not in your best interest, you deserve what happens. Like every mother would say, “If your friends told you to jump off a bridge, would you do it?”

and, by the way, any naked pictures you take of yourself WILL probably show up on the Internet.

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That is disgusting!

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There is definitely some unresolved hostility going on here. And emotional immaturity.

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It would certainly kill any remaining friendship, and it might possibly make me into an enemy seeking revenge. At the very least, I would seek to educate people as to what kind of person you really are. I have a feeling, too, that karma would get you. That is a very dangerous kind of energy to put into the world.

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well all of the answers on here are great, so I’ll just add that would be a hurtful thing and the person or people that would pull a stunt like that has problems and if that was done to me on video I better get the hard copy or there would be hell to pay…and all involved better pray I don’t snap from embarrassment, because it wouldn’t be fun for them or there family.

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that is the most immature thing ever. Whoever dared that person to do that to you seriously has no life….im getting frustrated just thinking about it…


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Again, curiouscat, if this didn’t happen to you, I can’t help but think that maybe you did this to someone else. I certainly hope that isn’t the case, because that would be awful. This is in no way funny. Anyone that behaves like this seriously needs to grow up.

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And if it’s really just hypothetical, a fantasy that you are trying out, I agree with others that there are issues here that need to be explored. Perhaps this question was intended to be the exploration, but your presentation invited judgment and not therapy.

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@amandala – oh, I once heard ppl planning it out. :( And they thought it was the funniest thing in the world.

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not funny at all.

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Wow. Some people…

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Thank goodness gracious for Karma.

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i believe you would be a jerk off to do something like that

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only if you were a jerk.

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yeh it depends if your my friend or not if you weren’t then i would call you a mother f$&#en a&(%le and that you could suck my b*ls but if ou were my friend i would still be p!$$ed

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Only one way to find out, go for it only if you really think you can handle the outcome.

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Terrible person who thought of that dare.

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