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Can somebody please help me find a men's spa in Los Angeles (Korean?) that is not a gay pick-up place?

Asked by lily_kerrigan (1points) December 11th, 2008

I want to get a gift for my effeminate straight guy friend. He’s pretty stressed, so I thought one of those $15 spa use gifts would be nice (i’m cheap). Anybody know a spa in LA that isn’t a gay pick-up? He can’t help being bait.

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I hate to be the one to break it to you, but “men’s spa” == “gay pick-up place”. Pretty much anywhere.

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Ehhhhhh, but what about Turkish Baths or Korean spas? Many of these places don’t have websites, they seem to be places the community knows about. Any men out these have a good LA spa experience?

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My intention is not to cast aspersions on reputable businesses… but from what I’ve heard/seen, many of the asian establishments seem to be in shadier parts of town and border on prostitution what with happy endings and all.

Maybe you could just take him out for a movie and drinks or something? Or take him hiking or bike riding or some such. Exercise is a great stress reducer.

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I think I need to wake his body up first before doing exercise. Really, it’s more that he needs to be reminded that he has a body. Anybody else?

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Well, you could always handle it yourself.

Save some money. Enrich the friendship.

Of course it could destroy the friendship. Sorry, bad idea.

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Here, check these reviews on Yelp.

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Thank you! That actually helped. I’ve heard of Yelp but never used it.

FYI: For anybody with the same question as me, I found a place called Beverly Hot Springs Spa which looks like what I’m after. Thanks!

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No problemo. :)

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I thought most spa’s wre unisex.

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