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What would an eco-friendly film look like?

Asked by Ort (518points) December 11th, 2008

I’m not just talking about the content, although that should be an important part of it. I’m thinking about the production methods, carbon neutral travel, materials or processes to avoid, creative recycling or reuse, ecologically responsible distribution events and marketing hooha, etc.? Does anyone know of people who are exploring this seriously?

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wow, um, a very detailed question on this site with not too many responses. that’s ok. don’t worry. somebody out here knows where you are trying to go with this. just stay tuned. welcome to fluther!

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LOL, yeah, I think maybe I overshot a bit. Thanks for the reply!

Part of why I asked was because it’s not a quick Google search and I bet someone out there is exploring this sort of thing. I just checked and this post is already #4 on Google for “eco-friendly film”! If anyone knows anybody who would know about this or perhaps want to discuss it with me from a documentary film industry perspective, let me know! :)

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I have no idea, but just wanted to say good luck with this project, and welcome to Fluther.

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Thanks! :)

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Ort—maybe try breaking this into simpler questions that can be answered on their own. You started with a tough one. Don’t give up on fluther : )

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Ort, film is not eco-friendly due to the chemical processing systems. However video and especially HD video (which is almost film quality) is much more eco friendly. I recently worked on a relatively eco friendly film/video called Environmental Art, the story. We did a combination of shooting our own footage and getting footage from various artists abroad. I gave instructions to participating artists on how to shoot a self interview and how to shoot their own footage. Some uploaded to FTP sites and some mailed us DVDs. The footage we shot, was on mini dvs and digitized everything onto hard drives. We could have shot directly onto a hard drive connected to the camera. We furthest distance we traveled was 500 miles (from SF to LA). We condensed our shooting in LA down to one trip and made sure we got everything we needed so we didn’t have to return. We edited everything on Final Cut Pro and ultimately the project turned out beautifully. We are happy with the result. And if I did a carbon footprint analysis of our production, it would be quite minimal – the biggest impact being the drive to LA (in a Prius) and the DVD’s mailed from South Africa, Iran and Netherlands. Everything else was uploaded to FTP sites. For distribution and marketing, we are planning on putting the video online for download – with the option to order a DVD. We will produce a couple hundred DVDs to send to specific people involved in the production, as a “thank you,” however we will keep the main form of distribution web-based. The marketing will be all web-based – looking at a variety of web-based marketing methods. Basically – to stay in alignment with the values of Environmental Art, we are working to minimize waste and consumption, while producing something beautiful and valuable.

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Also, if you are working on a project that you need to “green,” I would love to talk with you about how to optimize your environmental impact. :) I do business sustainability consulting and am particularly interested in the film industry.

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ROTFL- I think the wall of Fluther anonymity just fell over. Um, Amber, that was my Prius we drove to LA! Great response, though & thanks for the plug! Let’s talk more about all this. Too funny.

Um… anyone else out there thinking about this stuff? LOL (watch it be my neighbor, brother, best friend, etc..)

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Ha. I just GQd this.

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What is ROTFL? By the way I sent Amber a PM saying “you know who this is, right??” hee hee : )

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roll on the floor laughing *

*I was sitting down and did my chair did roll a bit. It was pretty funny. We talked on the phone after and just cracked up.

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That’s funny cuz she doesnt use fluther that often!

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Love this!

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Great question. First of all, digital production would certainly be better for the environment if you mass produce the film. No factory waste, just Torrent sites and digital downloads. This would use electricity and power nonetheless, but definitely less than film factories to make VHS cassettes.

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