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You sit at work using your bosses time to sit on fluther,do you actually care?

Asked by oasis (980points) December 12th, 2008

He/She pays your salary yet you fritter the day away on here,you fraudsters get some work done!!!!!

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And where are you posting this from?

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lost his job due to too much fluthering. =)

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i dont really care to be honest, i multi task well :) your not my boss typing this are you?

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I’m my own boss, and now I need to reprimand myself again :(

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I’m a grad student. The amount of money I get paid allows for a good 40 hours a week on Fluther.

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I don’t care. I still get everything done, well almost everything. A healthy job enviroment promotes a little of this and it helps me clear my head before another project.

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All that matters in my field is that I get the work done on time. Which I do. How it gets done doesn’t matter. Today I’ve been on Fluther while my audio file is rendering or during my eating time, and during my morning email period.

I’ll tell you what’s fraud and deception – expecting an employee to sit for 8–9 hours straight 5 days a week and churn out quality content while only focusing on the work. That’s a recipe for burnout.

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So true, Dynamic. When you do your job well, and use your down time for a little socializing and a little diversion, that is a healthy working atmosphere. When you have a boss that wants your nose to the grindstone for the entire 8 hours, that is more of a power/control issue, because people don’t do their best work under those conditions.

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Technically, my boss is Rod Blagojevich, so…

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I’m also a grad student. As long as I learn and get things done, it doesn’t matter. Besides, I don’t spend very much time on here while in the lab.

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