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What do you do for love?

Asked by bythebay (8147points) December 14th, 2008

As we sat in the theater last night watching a performance of A Chorus Line I looked at my husbands bored expression and the sleeping man across the aisle sitting next to his enthralled wife. I wondered if they regretted this excursion or felt obligated to suffer in silence? My husband says he sits through all the shows because he knew I loved the theater when he married me and it’s part of his “job”. I suppose that’s the same reason we hold season tickets for both football and basketball, neither of which I love. What do you do for love; watch sappy movies, fish, sit through hours of the History Channel? Do you regret it?

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My dad keeps his mouth shut when my mom says irrational things or attempts to convince everyone she’s right when she’s so blatantly wrong. He walks the dogs and does the dishes. She puts up with his football and religious standards.

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We go walking in the rain and the snow when theres nowhere to go,and you feel like a part of you is dying and you’re looking for the answer in her eyes,ya think ya gunna break up then she say’s she wants to make up.oooooh ya make me love you,oooooh ya got a way

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In high school, I was dating a guy long distance (whom I loved – and still love – very, very much), and I, over the course of two years, went to some pretty ridiculous extremes for love, including disappearing from my house for days on end (usually telling my parents that I was staying with a friend or whatever), and staying in some motel with him. I also drove 13 hours from Missouri to Pennsylvania to see him for a night before driving on to New York and Massachusetts. Every time that we saw each other (which was six times), one set of parents didn’t know. It was a crazy, crazy situation, but I was smitten and whatnot…

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Come home early instead of hanging out with friends; massage her feet; never see an action flick; minimize the football… all for love! ;-)

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when you truly are in love you just do whatever it takes to see your better half happy.

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(I love A Chorus Line!)

Anyway, this question just made me realize that I don’t really suffer through anything for my guy. I know he does…there are tons of things I “drag” him to, but I never feel “dragged along” to something I’m not interested in doing.

Should I change this? When he wants to see things like Transporter 3, he goes with one of his friends so he doesn’t have to force me to watch it. (I would hate that shit.) Next time he wants to see some stupid action movie, should I offer to go with him, so that there’s something I have to suffer through for him, or is he happier just going with someone else who would enjoy it? Is it wrong that he “suffers” for me but I don’t suffer for him?

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Ask him. He may love your company, or resent your resentment.

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Fishing. I don’t really like to fish. I have gone and sat out on a boat with him, for hours, while he is fishing. I have fished with him, to make him happy and no…I didn’t sit there and groan the entire time. It usually doesn’t last long, (me fishing), we have a deal – if I catch a fish before he does, I can read or just talk to him. For some reason, I almost always catch a fish before him.

On the flip side, my husband had never attended formal black tie events. Never had the desire to attend them, either. For me, he has managed to tux up for a night and go – with a smile. I have worked with several charity groups and continue to be involved – and continue to go to the events.

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I am a vegetarian and I have eaten at a lot of restaurants where the only vegetarian options were grilled cheese or mozzarella sticks. Now, I love these both, but I get kind of sick of them after a while. By the same token, he went to a craft fair with my mother, one of her friends and me and was bored out of his mind, but never said anything until I asked.

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I would do anything for love… but I won’t do that.

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I roll around on the ground wrestling with the three cutest boys on the planet.

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Nicely put, lightlyseared.

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I have a wonderful mortgage.

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Not enough :(

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@girlofscience, I don’t think suffering is necessary. If he has friends to see the action flicks with and you have friends to do whatever you like that he doesn’t with, you’re doing well—as long as there are things that you can do together.

At the same time, maybe there are things that he’s into that you’re not into, but that you might go to in order to learn more about him? I know a couple where the woman is into handcrafts and the man is into model trains, and they go to (some of) each other’s craft shows and train shows not because they’re interested in whatever it is but because they like seeing how much it delights the other person.

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i bend over backwards for love

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I became a parent, something I am terrifed of, and share his child with another woman (who is a real piece of work), learning to love her and raise her as my own. This is by far the trickiest and most rewarding thing I have ever done for love.

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Don’t ever think that we don’t appreciate everything that you do. You’re the bestest!

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Awwwwwww. :^)

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i think the biggest thing i do out of love for my man is scratch him…. he loves his scalp massaged and scratched along with his back and shoulders… when we watch tv, i scratch his head, and when we go to sleep i will scratch him untill he sleeps, or until i fall asleep.
he tells me thats how he knows i love him.

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