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Is there a diffence on how you react online vs real life?

Asked by coffeenut (6171points) December 18th, 2008

do you under react/over react to being provoked, sworn at, or put down. eg: online games,chat sites, sites like Fluther

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i pretty much respond the same online and in real life except in real life if i am being personally attacked for absolutely no reason that’s when i start slaying.

but online i would just use the block feature then close the window.

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No, I’m the same online as I am in “real life”. I am easy going and most of the time I would like to laugh at things but when confronted directly I will fight back.

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I’m the same in real life as online.

I just take up more space in real life.

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Deppends if you are chettingg with someoen yuo know or iff yu are talkking to a strenjer

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Hard to say- I don’t seem to ever actually get into situations in real life where I’m liable to get put down. Here on Fluther I’m much more likely to get involved in discussions that can lead to conflict Not that I’ve taken much heat here, but it does happen every now and then. When things do get a bit heavy here, I find that if I speak with calm and respect, that tends to keep the tone from escalating.

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The same.

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I’m easygoing and have no problem walking away (or closing a browser), whether online or in real life. At work, however, I’m forced to confront the person provoking or insulting me. Otherwise, our darling inmates think that they run the place. It gets scary sometimes dealing with 60 or so mouthy, disrespectful males. In smaller groups, I can use humor to diffuse the situation and make them see the error of their ways however temporarily. When dealing with their perceived anonymity in the larger group, I generally let my head spin completely around a couple of times and then explode on them.

I put so much effort into dealing with this crap 12 hours a day that running across some Grumpy Gus online or in my free time isn’t even worth rolling my eyes or shrugging my shoulders.

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