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Do you generally tell the truth on the internet?

Asked by Mimishu1995 (23561points) July 2nd, 2014

Inspired directly by this and indirectly by this

Do you tell the truth on the net or is the “you” online a different one from the “you” offline?

Like the original question, this concerns about the internet in general and not Fluther only.

Side note: check-box lies like “I am over <a number> years old” or “I have agreed with the terms of service” don’t count.

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I have been on Fluther for 7 years, since 2007. Over the past 7 years, I have put details about where I live, what I do for a living, my family, my pets, my car, my health, my habits, my hobbies, my hopes for the future. If I have a problem at work, I may or may not post it. If someone in my family is sick, I may not want to discuss it with Fluther.

On Facebook, I post photos of pets, family, events, nature. I don’t usually complain about things like some people do, I don’t usually post food photos as I think that’s kind of boring or bragging (it depends). As far as what I write, I don’t lie but nor do I give every detail about my life. Do I think people will care that I had chicken for dinner or that I am doing laundry? No.

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If I say yes I always tell the truth, it could be that I am actually truthful, or it could be that I am, again, lying.

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Generally, yes. I find it actually harder to lie on the internet because it’s much easier for others to double-check.

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I’m more honest on the internet than I am IRL. It’s the facade of anonymity.

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The truth about me is stranger than fiction. I have no reason to make stuff up since people often don’t believe me anyways.

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Yes. I’m a terrible liar.

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I started a site where most of the frequent users of chat from here migrated to. There is pretty much always someone in there. Including my my mom. So yeah. For four years my mom has fact-checked me.

It was the biggest mistake I ever made. I should have kept my internet life separate from my mom.

Fucking hell PnL just moved into a new apartment and my mom is making drapes for her. I didn’t want these worlds to collide.

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Now, yes, but I haven’t always. In my days before Fluther, I was quite deceptive.

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Yes, almost always.

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As the dentist said to the judge when defending himself on a cruelty charge “it’s the tooth, the whole tooth & nothing but the tooth”

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It’s a definite SOMETIMES for me.

There are stalkers and crazies out there. I tell enough to make my point, and I never overtly lie, but I also don’t tell the whole truth.

After all, who would believe that my real name is Nedford Fuddlebunker.

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No. creates paradox

but in general, yeah. Like I sometimes change specific details that could identify me or someone else but that’s about it. And i usually don’t bother.

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Yes. I believe in absolute honesty. If i am not truthful to you, then i am not truthful to myself… and that is just bad. I will never knowingly tell a lie, online or off.

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I tell the truth, but not too much. Except for my profile. It’s all quotes from Fluther. I couldn’t make that stuff up!

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Truth, yes.
Transparency, no.

Not because of any conscious effort not to be. Even if my goal were absolute transparency, the internet as a medium distorts and obscures.

Information is filtered through three lenses. Myself, the site and other users. My lens is limited by my self-perception and ability to recreate this perception online. I can choose which site to participate on. But the structure affects perception. And the third is a wild card.

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I tell the truth about myself, but will not reveal everything about me. My opinions are my own and I stand by them. I am honest in answering questions and have been known to tell it like I see it.

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