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Are you asking about comfort or looks?

I don’t know about comfort, but they look fine: functional, non-descript. I don’t know what your budget is, but $160 raised an eyebrow for me, with how plain they looked to me.

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Eccos are incredibly well-built shoes. I wore a pair pretty much exclusively for three weeks walking through England & Ireland a couple summers ago.

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i wouldn’t go out in them, but a lot of times when something that is ugly and costs a lot of money is usually a fashion trend that eventually catches on. next thing you know, everybody is wearing it. look at UGG boots.

it’s only ugly in the eye of the beholder. eventually, he beholder sees what you see and then it’s not so ugly any more.

set the trend.

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You may not have been asking for brutal honesty, but here you go:

Shoes like that scream “I am frumpy and sloppy, and I do not care if I ever mate again in this lifetime. Plus, my toupĂ©e looks real!!!!”

If you are dead-set on the brand, try this pair from the same site. In either black or espresso.

I was going to suggest more, but that may be a candy-box best left closed for the time being.

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I agree that the shoes scream “orthopedic cover up!” I’m sure they are incredibly comfy, but they are ugly
: )

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Ya, these look like they are for someone in their early-80s, not early-20s.

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ROFL, we just purchased these shoes for my 75 year old father-in-law to wear whilst traveling in Europe. So if you’re 75 – they’re awesome. If you’re not 75, they’re not so awesome.

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The nubuck ones in coffee color don’t look quite so…orthopedic.

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Ecco does make nicer-looking shoes than those linked to, that’s for sure.

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If you are going to wear them out at night in social situations, I would look for something a little more hip. They look kind of dowdy to me.

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