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Does your avatar have a story behind it?

Asked by chyna (46027points) December 24th, 2008

I was wondering what was behind your choices. Mine has no story, I just like unicorns. Some avatars make me smile or laugh and I wondered why they were chosen.

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laureth's avatar

Not really. It came from here. It’s the closest thing that program could make to what I really look like.

Ort's avatar

I kept with the jelly theme and copied one of the standard ones, increased the color saturation in Photoshop and then used a crystallize filter on it. It reminds me of a Rembrandt color palette or one of those old charts of the brain, and it’s still a jellyfish!

KatawaGrey's avatar

This avatar is one of my favorite paintings by the artist David Delamare.

gimmedat's avatar

This avatar is from a Beastie Boys CD. Love them! My other avatars are scenes from Pulp Fiction when Vincent and Jules have to dispose of a body. I also have an avatar of Coco from Kill Bill Vol. 1. It’s all just stuff I find entertaining. If you look for the user cecildooderbop you will see our vicious dog Max!

KatawaGrey's avatar

He’s a vicious dog all right.

A cute, vicious, little doggie.

chyna's avatar

Max is the serial pooper from today? Sweet dog. Actually gimmedat, yours was one of the ones I had in min that makes me smile. The one before this one.

gimmedat's avatar

Heehee, thanks! Coco is the bomb! Max is the serial pooper all right. Are you guys doubting Max’s ferocity?? He’s a beast.

aanuszek1's avatar

My old avatar came from featuring the main character, homestar. Two days ago however, I uploaded a pic of me and began to use that.

eambos's avatar

I photoshopped a Santa hat on a T Rex.

Pretty sweet, right?

Bluefreedom's avatar

I’ve been a career military member for just over 20 years now and I chose an American Bald Eagle for my avatar because it is a symbol that I equate with America and freedom and because I think it is a very statuesque and proud animal.

ljs22's avatar

Mine is a painting by the Dutch artist Abildgaard of Philoctetes. I think this mythical Greek story is compelling. For more:

augustlan's avatar

In real life, I collect ‘N’s (for my last name). That wouldn’t make much sense here, so I had my daughter make an ‘A’ icon for me. I asked her to make it simple and graphic. Jeruba then added some holly for me, so I could be seasonal : )

EnzoX24's avatar

Mine is a picture of me giving the peace sign with a local Philadelphia radio jockey.

buster's avatar

Mine is a goat in a star with skateboard wheels on two points of the star. Its called the skategoat. Its a little like a pentagram. Satan has influenced me a lot over the years.

augustlan's avatar

@Buster: You and Satan? Really.

Foolaholic's avatar

I remember when I asked this question….

Anyway, my avatar is a picture of a character named Tyki Mikk, from the manga D.Gray Man. He is my favorite character because of the way he blurs the lines of morality, and his hilariously, nonchalant attitude.

Trustinglife's avatar

@BlueFreedom, why did you choose an icon where the eagle is crying? Any particular reason?

augustlan's avatar

@Trusting: Looks like the back drop is NYC on 9/11.

Trustinglife's avatar

Aha! Good point. Still curious why he chose that image above others.

cdwccrn's avatar

Mine is my favorite picture of me as a baby girl.

augustlan's avatar

@cdw: Such a cutie!

Ort's avatar

I really like this question. So many different ways people get inspired. I love it!

aprilsimnel's avatar

I’m allergic to cats, but if I could have a cat, it would be a British Shorthair. Their fur is, like, the plushest fur ever!!!1!11OMG!1!!11

Anyhoo. My avatar is of a British Shorthair named Joe when he was a month-old kitten.

augustlan's avatar

@aprils: That kitten is adorable! Now I want one, too : (

El_Cadejo's avatar

I like mushrooms…..

ohhhhhh look at all the prettty colors

Bluefreedom's avatar

@Trustinglife. Not long after 9–11 happened, someone sent me that image in an email and the eagle with the WTC towers in the background really had a profound impact on me. I saved the image because I thought its message was very sobering and poignant (although sad also) and I chose it as an avatar for the reasons stated in my earlier answer above. Hopefully that makes some sense.

Trustinglife's avatar

@Bluefreedom, It does – thanks for sharing that. I can see the image has deep meaning for you.

wildflower's avatar

It’s a wildflower! I like those – I’m crap with plants and flowers (can’t keep a cactus alive), but wildflowers are cool because they just grow and are pretty where they are :)

tiffyandthewall's avatar

mine is 2 pandas wrestling; it’s a play on words of WWF, but the text is cut off i believe…i guess it’s kind of ironic because i’m pretty into animal rights and whatnot, but i think it’s funny anyway.

scamp's avatar

Mine is Ralphie from Christmas Story with a bar of soap in his mouth for saying fuuuuuudge!!

cookieman's avatar

Mine is a giant chocolate chip cookie, freshly dipped in milk because I enjoy giant chocolate chip cookies freshly dipped in milk.

tocutetolive90's avatar

mine is just my boyfriend and me. Been together for 2 years :-).

gimmedat's avatar

I’ve changed my avatar, yet again. Now it’s a depiction of Thomas the Tank getting tagged by two graphitti artists! Love that, thanks SuperMouse!

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