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Anyone else have a sleeping fetish?

Asked by futurelaker88 (1600points) December 25th, 2008 from iPhone

idk, I’ve always had a thing for girls who are asleep. obviously they must still a attractive girls, but everytime my gf falls asleep, i get turned on more than anything else. it’s more of the fact that she doesn’t know what’s going on that is arousing. of she’s snoring or drooling or twitching, she has no idea, and to me that’s so arousing. is that like really out there? lol im not a perv or a freak, it’s just knowing that they are almost in another world and oblivious to reality and have no idea that they might be doing something that they would be embarrased if they were awake (snoring, drooling, talking, eyes moving, etc.) just wondering if anyone else shares this “fetish” i guess it would be called. don’t leave me hanging. lol

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Uh…Please tell me another way to say you love her even at her worse…

what’s with these questions tonight!!

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That sounds similar to somnophilia. I do not share that particular fetish, but there are certainly others out there that do.

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that’s exactly what it is is called. I’ve looked it up online. it doesn’t have to just be my gf only either. i don’t mean that in a negative way at all, but if i am anywhere (party, bus, camp, house) and there is an attractive girl that fell asleep, it is literally impossible for me to stay in that room. it’s too hard. it’s so arousing and it literally cannot be satisfied for obvious reasons, or ignored. it even works on the reverse, if i pretend to be asleep and my gf comes in and touches me or gives me any king of attention i go crazy.

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I’d like to hear from girls too. do u guys find this weird? or do u understand it?

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There is a certain allure. I guess.

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Well, I’m a girl and it’s hard for me to say. I would have to be very close with my SO for me to be comfortable with him going through with this desire. I guess as long as there is trust it’s kinda hot… I didn’t really get it until I read the definition. I could dig it. Just be careful and make sure your girlfriend is ok with it…
some people have had bad childhood experiences with somnophiliacs…

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I’m female. I can kind of understand it, but I don’t experience it. I don’t feel that there is anything wrong with having such a fetish, as long as you are careful about how you act on your impulses. Respect and honesty is key.

@krose: That sucks…

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yea believe me it’s nothing I would ever let get me in trouble. I’ve told her and she doesn’t mind it. it would be pretty much impossible to go through with it anyway, no one sleeps that heavily without some type of drug or alcohol and i couldn’t do that, not that type of person. buy if ur bf told u about it, would u be ok with it if u woke up? i mean, knowing how much he liked it.

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Yeah my boyfriend would definitely have to talk to me about it… But for me personally I don’t know how I would react waking up to that. I’ve never really thought about it, but if my boyfriend knew me at all he probably wouldn’t want to bring it up.

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lol. yea i agree. i mean, it doesn’t even have to go “that” far. it’s one of those things where it’s like, if u get turned on by it…how do u ever satisfy that arousal? u hve to bring it up, but thats hard to do if your not VERY comfortable with the person. and it’s almost a need, but it’s controlled like anything else. i want to stress the fact that it’s not like i can’t keep myself in control. it’s the equivelant to someone turned on by leather or whatever lol. this is just another form it

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what do u mean by if he knew u at all he wouldn’t bring it up?u mean u would not be ok with it?

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Uh… I have special circumstances…

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lol. well thanks for answering. i gotta be honest, just hearing u say u could dig it was hot

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hey you know, I dunno what the big deal is, who wouldn’t want to wake up to some lovin. lol.

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@futurelaker- Well I do what I can to please. While the question stirred up some other emotions, I’m actually kind of glad you posted this. I think I’ll lighten up a little bit now. I mean, I’ve woken up in the middle of the night and randomly gone at it, but not quite like you have described. But hearing your point of view I can see how it’s innocent and kinda hot. I’m gonna give it a go next chance I get. :)

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I don’t share the same thing, but I do enjoy falling asleep with someone. I also like waking someone up and/or being woken up in the morning for wake up nookie… Tumbling around in the morning just has this feeling of not being able to wait that is incredibly sexy. So yeah, I would be down.

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is date rape also a turn on? because I am pretty sure frat guys all over have “sleep fetishes” too…

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Um, I’d be a little freaked if my SO described that to me. But, hey, that’s just me.

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I don’t get turned on by it, but I do find sleeping people kind of fascinating. Most of the time they look so peaceful. And when they don’t, it’s fun to try to imagine what’s going on in their heads. Also, if you happen to be watching a sleep talker, that can be amusing.

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I am a female and I love that. I used to ask my boyfriend to “molest” me when he got home from work. I wanted to wake up already turned on. Sleepy sex is the best. BUT I have a freaky fetish too. I am a heterosexual woman who is turned on by other snoring women. I don’t know what it is. It is completely controllable and I have morals. I could NEVER do something to a woman without their permission. But I fantasize about it. I really do.

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um…do you realize how much u mad me want to know more about you?

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:) Nothing to know, really. Sexual preferences rarely have anything to do with how a person is day to day. There are some regular people out there that have some freaky fetishes.

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double whoa.

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i am a 30 yr old female and I share this fetish as well….i love all the websites with guys playing with and having sex with sleeping girls. i think it started with me, when an ex boyfriend used to come home and get horny and jerk off in bed while i was sleeping. sometimes i would wake up and pretend to be sleeping still. and he would get more and more daring with me. it was such a turn on. i loved feeling like he could do anything he wanted to me while i slept and that he was getting off on my body, etc… hot!!! i haven’t really brought it up to too many bf’
s since. for some reason it seems like most guys aren’t into it. they say “i want the girl to be awake, it is boring if she is sleeping” Sucks! wish more people were into it!

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@hotsleepygirl – i wish my girlfriend would be into it at all. reading this gets me all excited because its exactly wut i would like…and its even better because if you were fake sleeping and i didnt kno, then it would be good for both people not just one. but then i realize i still dont kno anyone like this in PERSON lol. to me it seems like everyone would (or should) have this, because it gives u freedom to do wutever you want!!! (within normal standards). have you always had this, or just more recently? and would you like to be the awake person ever too or just the sleeping person?

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i have been into this for years, but haven’t really dated anyone who “got it” besides that first bf who used to do it. It was even hotter with him because he just did it, we never discussed it. (not saying everyone would like that, but i did) and i also used to take ambien and that would really knock me out. i would be somewhat aware but pretty much forget the next morning. he would tell me all the stuff he did to me and i thought that was so hot!!!! as far as if i would only like to be the reciever, yeah…i think so. its something about giving up the power and feeling vulnerable i like.

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@hotsleepygirl – yea, see for me i like both just as much. if i were pretending to sleep, i would LOVE my gf to do the same things i do to her in my sleep…but only if she really thought i was sleeping. if she knew i was faking it would ruin it. ambien is a good idea, but i would feel bad giving it to someone, and worse “slipping it.” the thing is, its important to me to be with someone who “has it” too. because its my main turn on…and if the person im with doesnt get it or have any desire, i will never have that fulfilled :/

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yeah, i am afriad of that too. i have a boyfriend now, but he i don’t think he would be into it. and it has to be something that both people are totally into. it seems like most guys are werided out by it. it’s too bad! i love looking at all the porn sites with sleeping girls, it turns me on so much!!!

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@hotsleepygirl – i know, but its so hard to find good stuff thats exactly what im looking for because its so specific…the best stuff is on youtube, but it gets old fast and not enough goes up. its hard, i would give almost anything to have someone who was into it the same way i (we) are. id like to keep in touch because it sort of feels good to talk about it like this, i never get to.

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For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved the idea of a man slowly pulling off my covers in bed and exploring my body while I’m asleep. But, in my fantasy, I always slowly wake but am too sleepy and too turned on to resist. I think it has to do with ceding all control. I love the idea that I can enjoy something forbidden but not really have to take responsibility for it (i.e., good girls don’t want and don’t allow men to “take advantage” of them). I’ve mentioned the concept in an off-handed manner to my boyfriend and he’s appalled. He wants a woman who participates and think it’s disrespectful otherwise. He doesn’t know it’s my fantasy. Still, he loves it when I take Ambien and become VERY compliant—and barely remember it the next day!

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im a 20 yr old male, futurelaker and i feel the same way. I get so turned on when my g/f falls asleep and if she snores, even a little bit. I have a foot fetish I guess you’d say too and play with her feet once in a while too when she’s asleep. I am kinda scared to tell her this, b/c i dont want her to think im weird or a perv or whatever, but im to the point where i think i can trust her and feel that she wouldnt judge me too much b/c i know she loves me. But its still scary to think about if she was weirded out about it. If I could ask, how did your g/f react at first when you told her about your fetish?

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@gadude9808 – im EXACTLY the same way. everyhing you said i do lol. yea i told her and shes fine with it. she thought it was weird at first, but i kind of wish i hadnt told her sometimes because now she knows and is more nervous when she sleeps lol. not in a bad way, but she knows now. i liked it when she had no idea more (as part of the fantasy). but its ok, i still get to do stuff, and she doesnt kno what it is, she just knows stuff happens. i guess it benefits that she knows to a degree because it has to be worse if she has no idea and one day she wakes up to you doing something, she might be freaked out. but yea, nothing turns me on the same way as that.

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I am a 21/f an i find this so sexy. It jst seems so naughty and dirty. I love it. I think it is hot both ways. I especially like the idea of being asleep in a park and having someone have there way with me while I am asleep. So so so hawt, for men and women!!

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I think I want to tell my bf and make a video, but I am afraid he will think I am crazy. Do many guys like this kind of thing?

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Wow im 18 f and i got the same wierd fetish. i thought i was crazy but i looked it up nd read this today and you got it right on the dot. When my bf falls asleep its crazy how horny i get and reverse.Theres something about it that turns me on so bad, boys and girls. i had to join after reading this cuz i thought i was alone haha.

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yes im 20 m and i have the same fetish.. i didnt realize how many girls actually didnt mind it or even turned on by it.. id like to chat with some of you. message me if you want to chat thanks

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Somnophilia is one of those rare fetishes that is mainly a female thing – maybe down to the whole ‘Sleeping Beauty’ stories told when we’re children? I’m still looking into that part of things… It may just be because the nature of it means the man has to be extremely gentle as he touches her – and most men don’t get this.
Anyway, I’ve had two girlfriends now who were into this! In all honesty, I think this is a Hell of a lot more common than you might think! It’s just still not something that anyone talks about… I’ve got some blogs on MySpace and Wordpress where you can follow my story and my journey – I’m not trying to spam this but I think a lot of people want to find out more about sleepy sex… I enjoyed reading all the answers on here!

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I’m a male and I’ve had the same fantasy for as long as I can remember. I’ve gotten to act it out with a few gf’s that took sleeping pills. If your upfront and honest your girl shouldn’t have a problem.

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I’m a male, and I share this fetish. I’ve never actually gone the full distance with my girlfriend doing this, but I’ve gotten close. Just talking about it gives me chills! A hand down her leg.. back up it… and around the area… getting close to it… nothing gets me going more than that! Such a rush! Knowing that you have to be completely perfect or you ruin the entire thing, so daring. Knowing she could wake up any moment and you have to be careful. Getting to do it and get away with it. Ah, man, the adrenaline rush that I get is.. like nothing else.[:

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I literally just googled “is anyone else turned on by snoring” and found this site. Ever since i was younger (like early teen) i have always been turned on and fantasized about people, mainly guys, sleeping and snoring.Reading all these comments helped. I guess i like watching them oblivious, out of control. I love it when my boyfriend snores, but he hardly does:\ And i really want to do things to him while he’s asleep but he’s such a light sleeper haha. I never thought about the reverse but i would love for him to do things to me when i am sleeping, and i am a deep sleeper:) good to know others have whatever this is.

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I literally just googled “is anyone else turned on by snoring” and found this site.” is the best How I Found Fluther story I’ve ever heard. Awesome.

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I know this is old, but I googled this because I feel the exact same way. I’m a 25 year old female and EVERYTHING about sleeping gets me excited. Except if they sleep without me, then I get mad! I don’t want to get made but when a guy I’m with is sleeping without me I get upset bc I want to be there right next to him because it gets me so excited. It’s crazy and I’ve only really told one person about it because I felt so weird about it.

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I have had this fetish since I was about 5 years old. It all started when my mom was babysitting the girl across the street. She was maybe 4, I was supposed to lay down with her so she could take a nap. Well, she did, and I started playing with her hands and arms, then her face. I couldn’t believe what I could do without her waking up.
Well this turned into a really cool thing when I started dating. It was a turn on, but I never tried to make love unless they woke up and wanted to. I know I sure did!
One of my girlfriends could fall asleep anywhere, even standing up. If she was laying on here stomach, I used to love to lift her legs up at the ankle, bring them up to where they stayed up on there own, then move them to where they flopped back down. If she was on her back, I would raise one of her legs up, bending at the knee (so it looked like an upside down V) I would lift the other leg up, bending at the knee and cross it over the other leg. Then I would find a position to where the leg (‘s) would stay up on there own.
Next I would move her arms to where her elbows where just about even with her shoulders, I would then lift her forearms (hands hanging down) and find a position where they would stay up on there own. Then to top it off I would make sure her mouth was slightly open.
I used to play with my wife all the time, not so much now that we are older. I enjoy seeing pictures and videos of sleeping girls. I also have a huge collection if someone would like to trade.

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Hey Guys :) Well this will probally sound weird to you’s but I’m a 14 year old teenage girl. I can’t remember what age it started to happen, but I have this thing and when people fall asleep and their eyes start dropping heavily and then close and they start snoring for some strange reason I get turned on and very excited! I never ever knew what it was I love when I tickle or relax people to sleep and they fall deepily asleep and I can just watch them and do anything to them! I don’t mean do anything as in play with their bodies and sexually interfear I mean just tip them and stuff I know I am of course to young for sex but I know all about it! I have told my closest friends about this but only have told one in much detail. I am only sometimes in a turned on mood to make or watch someone fall asleep. Sometimes when i get into these moods, it sounds so stupid I ask my friend would she liked to be relaxed and my aim is for her to fall asleep. I often watch videos on you tube of people asleep or pictures on google it just gets me very horny ha! Sometimes I’m not in a mood like this and if someone was asleep i wouldn’t feel the usual sensations? haha :) When somebody is asleep in front of me for some reason I get quite nervous and my heart beats unbelievably fast and I feel horny and my belly gets butterflies I have always wondered what it was and I’m still not sure if I have found it quit yet! Today was the day when I said I shall look up my smyphtoms on google (sorry for my spelling I have really bad grammar hopefully you can still understand) I did basically search up “getting turned on by people asleep” and this is what came up I have read every single comment I have enjoyed them all! Some of them I got very happy because they were exactally like me! I think that when I am older I will experience what you have like the “sleepy sex ” because I searched up somnophilia and it sounds similiar to me, right? so I think when I reach the age where I want to make love with that “special person” I may be in the same position as you! I’m kind of scared incase I do and I can’t find someone I love that is like me. But no I don’t think this is weird at all I understand you and I didn’t really get you guys at the start until people said more in detail and after that it sounds like something I would like when i’m older well thats it really thank you so much if you read this please comment back :)! but its alright if you don’t haha thanks this was great it helped so much! and i’m really sorry for my grammar and if its abit to long to read:/ but hopefully you do see this I would love it if you just even read it thanks again :)

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Oh I’m abit late :L This question was asked in 2005:/ hahaha

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Don’t worry about it blossom :)

We both have what is called Somnophilia and I myself like to be the sleeper, It’s not as uncommon than you think, And when you have found that special person, you can help them fall asleep as much as you like and as long as they know about how you feel I don’t see any problems with caressing their bodies or watching their hands and eyes twitch :)

Seriously, Finding someone who is into it isn’t going to be too hard, there are MANY people out there who understand what it’s like to be on both the giving AND receiving end of the sleep fetish and it just so happens that Somnophilia is probably right up there in the top 5 most common fetishes out there.

Personally I feel that the whole losing control thing and seeing it all unfold on camera and having NO knowledge that anything happened at all is the biggest thing For me anyway, It’s a kind of submissive role

( or in your case, It’s more of a dominating role in the sense that you want others to fall asleep so that they essentially become your’s until they wake up much later on )

It’s actually quite cool you’re honest about how you feel even if it is anonymously behind a computer screen, You’re coming to terms with who you are and you’re picking up all these new emotions that come with being a somnophiliac, It may seem a little daunting at first and Just a quick question, Are you experimenting with this or do you know for sure that you feel you have the exact same fetish as other somnophiliacs but with the role reversed so that instead of being “the sleeper” you are in fact “the dominator”?

I’m genuinely intrigued by your post though, I recall my fetish had started once I had an operation when I was 12 ( I had broken a bone in my hand and had to be taken to hospital and was put to sleep ), Ever since then.. I’ve been a somnophiliac through and through albeit on the receiving end, But that’s my thing anyway :)

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I am a 26 year old woman and I have found watching my boyfriends fall asleep a turn on since I can remember. Always thought I was strange , I like the thought of getting intimate with them and them thinking it is happening in a dream. Preferably a dream about me. I don’t understand why ?

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I’ve practiced somnophilia for about 20 years , I started this practice with a exgirlfriend who agreed to take sleeping pills. She took this pills with alcohol and she felt unconcious for hours.
It was a great experience.

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I first experienced this as a junior in high school, when I started sexually exploring myself. I have an on and off bf but I feel too self-conscious to tell him or anyone for that matter. I thought I was a freak of nature but I’m glad I am not alone. I hate myself for this though. I wish I didn’t have somnophilia of whatever this is. I don’t want to live with thisfor the rest of my life. Again I’m really glad I am not alone on this though.

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Hi guys, I’m a 30 year old man and I’ve had this fantasy/fetish for as long as I can remember. Just the thought of a girl being asleep or unconscious giving me the freedom to do whatever I want is such a turn on for me, I’ve never acted it out with gfs or even told them about it because I’ve always thought it was a weird thing to have. Luckily there are sites that facilitate my fantasy pretty well. I swear the thought of me exploring this sometimes makes my heart race so much I think I’m going to have a heart attack haha

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Hi! I’m a girl (17) from the netherlands and I share the same fetish. But then for boys not girls.. It’s been that way since I was really young. Never met someone who has the same thing. Maybe it’s because I think it’s really embarrassing to talk about so I never talk about it with anyone. But you also don’t hear about it on the internet, maybe it’s really rare? I’ve seen a couple of posts from boys on the internet who have the same thing, but I never saw a girl like me who has it until now! Very glad to hear I’m not alone

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