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Men of Fluther: Would you enjoy being awakened in the middle of the night to engage in [NSFW]?

Asked by laureth (27153points) April 7th, 2013

I don’t understand this. If my guy woke me up at 0-Dark-30 because he wanted to do the horizontal tango, I think I’d be a little grumpy, especially since it’s difficult for me to get to sleep and we both have to be up early. However, Mr. Laureth assures me that it’s VERY OK to wake him up for this purpose, a wonderful thing, even if he doesn’t get back to sleep afterward and is tired all the next day.

Is this a “Mr. Laureth” thing, or is this typical for males of the species?

[I suppose the not-men of Fluther could answer as well, although I’m not sure it’s quite as relevant to the answer I am seeking. That never stopped anyone here, did it? :) ]

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Let me put it this way: You would be very lucky that I do not sleep with a knife under my pillow.
If I was a man.

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I’m not male, but would love being awakened at 0-Dark-30 for some horizontal, vertical or diagonal tango.

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My cock is willing to work/play pretty much 24:7, so yeah…i’m up for it.

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@ucme Lol. i’m up for it. Was that intentional, or was it an accident? Cuz I see wut u did thar. :p

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@Symbeline It’s me, of course it was intentional…least i’m consistent :-)

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That is a lie. Yours is as thin as water.

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I’m a female and I’d be pissed if the husband woke me up in the middle of the night for sex. Sleep is my best friend.

My husband can bitch about being tired, go to bed at 8, huff and puff at me for talking and keeping him awake – but if I woke him up for sex just as he fell asleep and he had to get up at 4AM, he’d be more than up for it, pun intended. He’s a anytime, anywhere kind of guy.

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@ragingloli No dear, if you recall that was simply the perception created by the vast chasm that is your vaginal gash…nice echo though.

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Vast only relative to your microscopic close quarter combat stinger, macrohead with a micromember.

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Hells to the yes.

Response moderated (Personal Attack)
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It is VERY OK with me too.

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Feeling a partner waking me up by giving my package some attention is quite a nice way to awaken, puts a smile on my face.

Shaking me awake might be a different story.

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I liked it but omg, I can hardly remember what’s it like. :(

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Yes I would enjoy it…. I have enjoyed it several times lol

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I would be honored and thrilled.

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Normally I would love it. Plus a really good orgasm puts me in the mood for sleep, with a smile on my face. So I drift off easily. I’d like to hear what women think after a good O.

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As a man, I don’t really need to wake my mind to get aroused…
And once I’m, aroused I don’t mind to wake up.

Hell no… But I wouldnt mind if I can stay lying on my back.

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So it’s more widespread (heh!) than I thought. Good to know.

(And no, there’s no shaking awake, just I start nibbling on his shoulder and it goes from there.)

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I’d absolutely be in favor if it. Where do I sign up?
I almost always take a shower before bed just in case.

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@laureth I would rather wake up to my s/o nibbling on something other than my shoulder. :)

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Hard to do in winter. Sheet, blanket… maybe in July.

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The saying “I can sleep when I die” comes to mind here. Waking up to sex is 10 times better than waking up to an alarm.

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Female, but you gave permission, so I’ll chime in. I’m thrilled to be woken up this way, no matter the time. My husband, on the other hand, is not a fan. Not at all.
I can’t sleep after sex, whether I was sleeping or awake before beginning, so that has just become a normal thing for me in my life. I know that if I’m going to have sex, I’ll be up all night. Just how it goes, so this wouldn’t be any different to me. Better than no sleep at all.

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After all the bitching we guys get about dozing off instead of cuddling after a long bout of the nasty dance, why the hell not at 0 Dark 30? Perfect potion to ensure I sleep through the rest of the night. Bring it.

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Both my ex and my current husbands enjoy it. I mostly don’t want to be woken for anything, but very occasionally, it’s been nice.

I’m not sleepy after orgasm at all. In fact, I’m generally super alert afterward. The guys just seem to fall right back to sleep.

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I suffer from insomnia and I’ve been known to wake my husband for sex quite often. I don’t do it every time I can’t sleep and it tends to be when I can sense he isn’t deeply asleep. He doesn’t mind at all. We both sleep very contentedly afterwards.

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There are few things nicer than sleeping like the inside spoon and being woken up by her hand sliding over my waist and down to my….
Who knows what kind of reciprocation it might bring?

Is it me, or did Spring just spring?

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“Personal Attack”…high-larious.

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Being woken up coz someone wants to play? That’s hot. Much better than being awakened and be told that I stink and that I need to hit the shower.

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Its incredibly hard for me to fall asleep and stay asleep, but if my husband woke me up just to do a little woogy woogy I would hop on in a split sec. Though I also, after all these years, still get butterflys in my stomach when I see him and get that heated blush when he takes his shirt off. So needless to say it really doesnt matter what time of day it is ;)

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After some hot and nasty I am purring like a kitten and usually ready to sleep like a baby.

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I woke my husband up by pretending to be a zombie the other day – strangely he didn’t find that as alluring as me waking him up to have sex. Shrugs…

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As a woman I love morning nookie, even though I am not a morning person.

Think of it as exercise before work. It releases endorphins so you are more awake and better prepped for the day.

I also love it because often it turns being wrapped naked in my mans arms all night, even if its not quite literal because of the heat, all the brushing all the erotic and erogenous dreams and half dreams in to foreplay fulfilled.

However the wake up procedure is a delicate one. It must be preceded by light brushes and nudges and delicate gentle hands soft kisses. And don’t expect me immediately transition to cowgirl.

Some sideways tango is the most natural but hey feel free to jump on top too. I love the full contact sensory toe to torso intimacy and intimacy upon waking is like submerging into a better dream world.

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@rosehips That was hot. And thanks for the reminder to be gentle in the AM. Filed away. :)

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For those women who would be pissed i am sorry. Clearly your man wasn’t doing something right. My ex loved it when I awoke her for sex in the wee hours but I was careful to arouse her BEFORE she awoke. Subtle touch, lick, suck, tweak for quite some time does the trick. You won’t have to wake her she will awake soon enough and hungry like the wolf.

Foreplay is always important. Consideration dictates doing this mostly when it won’t interfere with responsibilities but done right you nay Sayers would convert.

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If I were not dead tired, or had to be up super early, then she can kiss me with her lips and sit on my face to wake me with her “lips”, or wake me with 2 lips on my organ, which is way better than roses on my piano. I can say it has been done before.

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