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What is your Xbox Live gamertag?

Asked by aanuszek1 (2290points) December 25th, 2008

Anyone wanna play? Mine is aanuszek1. I have NHL 09 right now and will be getting Halo 3 tomorrow.

Shoot me a friend request, but let me know you’re from fluther.

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Bearspot…also vampirerobotcat

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mine is Iwamoto NL , i almost never play co-op even though i have gold, i just like being able to i guess, at the moment i’m playing armored core FA, which is a load of fun :D

and these are the games i own btw, so if you see anything we really really should play together, let me know

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CoD4 is my (multiplayer) game of choice.

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Intro24 as if you didn’t already know.

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Merkinary RC I pretty much am just playing Halo 3 now because I have yet to buy Left 4 Dead and Fable 2 and Fallout 3 I sold, for a pittance, because I am broke and I had already beat them… well not Fable 2 which I was sad about but I will rent it later.

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im usually playing Left 4 Dead, Battlefield: Bad Company, Halo 3, and some random racing games right now.

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Fool. I don’t actually own an Xbox; I got it so I could keep a ranking when I play Rock Band with my friends.

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Ive been playing a lot of Halo 3 and Red Alert 3 lately.

@aanuszek1 it keeps telling me your gamertag doesnt exist :(

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Today M$ made me change my gamertag because apparently, even though it is part of my last name, “anus” is a bad word. So, instead of aanuszek1, it is now axxxxzek1

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Lol mine is XxJ0kermanxX but i won’t be on for a couple weeks…you know why haha. But ummm i dont think the “anus” in your name is the problem. Maybe people put to many file complaints on your name or something..but who would do that?

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iVeNoIM i play cod 5

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