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Do you think this is just "pack mentality"?

Asked by chyna (47714points) December 26th, 2008

You know, you go to the movies, it’s empty, you sit down and two other people come in and sit right next to you or in front of you. You go to the beach, its empty, you sit down, people come and sit 50 feet away from you. You go to the gym, there are 12 empty tread machines, you get on one and someone HAS to get on beside you. Does this annoy you as well?

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That makes me crazed! I simply don’t get it…at all. Maybe those people have a pack mentality; or perhaps we’re antisocial?

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I’m pretty sure I am antisocial.

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I don’t really think I am (antisocial), but I do like my space.

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I’ve been known to get up and move away.

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I could get never get up and move away, then I would be afraid I would hurt the total strangers feelings. Then I would have to deal with the guilt and guilt just wears me out! ;P

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That just drives me insane. I don’t really like being near strangers… it makes me feel awkward.

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same on the bus. although the hooded nervous person that stays far away suits me just fine..never have figured out why some people like to crowd together on the beach, guess you’re right, it’s the herd instinct.

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I don’t know, but it does drive me crazy. How about when you’re in a public bathroom? 10 empty stalls, and someone takes the one right next to yours!

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@augustlan: and starts chatting with you.

Guy did that to me at the urinal. Plenty others open, but he’s right next to me chatting and peeing.

I had to resist the urge to knock him out.

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LOL Augustlan; maybe they need to hear “that sound” to get their own flow going – you know, the running water/pee theory?! You might actually be providing a public service and not even know it. :)

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Well, I do like to be useful ~

@cprevite: He was chatting you up…hitting on you, you big hunk of man!

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@cprevite: He was just checking out the competition.

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Humans are aSocial species by nature. it’s only natural to feel comfortable in areas where there are others. That said the bathroom thing gets on my nerves too. I always put as much distance between me and the next person as available.

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@cprevite, did he slide his foot over in an attempt to give “the signal,” was the guy a politician??

As far as the pack thing, ihave no problem relocating if someone has moved into my personal space. I also have no problem letting a space invader know about his/her obvious faux pas.

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@augustlan, chyna & gimmedat: I’m not sure about any of that, but I did find a phone number slipped into my pocket when I got home. ;^)

I felt strangely dirty

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I’m kinda the opposite. I always go to the bathroom at the very end if it is open and I try to get the most open spot on the beach so i have more room to run around and bury people. I don’t think I’ve ever noticed someone getting the stall next to me. If I get pissed at the beach when people picnic next to me it’s because they are in the way for my kite runway. At the gym I like to go at odd hours so I don’t have to see as many people that make me look like a joke. :)

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I go to the gym at a peak time to make people feel better about themselves

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pack mentality! Could you to stay in your house, in front your favorite object and nothing will happen! Nothing more.

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@jayconn6 Please turn off the CAPS LOCK. It hurts my ears.

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