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Does Polaroid Still Sell Polaroid Cameras?

Asked by desiree333 (3211points) December 30th, 2008

I heard they dont sell them anymore. Ill always wanted one. How much do they cost?

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Unfortunately not. I know a bunch of people who stocked up on their cameras and rolls of film (they were selling bundles of around 1000 if I recall) when they announced it. You could try eBay, or perhaps a photography site or something, but they’ll become increasingly hard to come by and you might find that you have to pay a premium just because they aren’t sold anymore.

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You can sometimes find them in drugstores. They sell now for like twenty bucks. My friend bought one over the summer.

You can also buy them at Target

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There are still quite a few listed for sale on Amazon. $50. & up.

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You can get one cheap at garage sales and flea markets, but the film is expensive.

I have three of them. Each cost me $4 or less for the camera. I’ve had some luck finding film at garage sales too, but the film is harder to come by. You can get it on eBay, but it’s expensive that way.

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why is the world did they stop selling polaroids and the film!?

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because, they’d rather see artists starve on the side of a road than lose a few bucks over something that changed the world.

I’m glad someone brought this up because I just had an episode in my mind and i really need to get it out, and thank God for the polaroid and keeping everything… nostalgic and the way it was meant to be, none of this new 12^483920 megapixel camera BS and these 50–500mm lenses…

I just realized why I lost my imagination.

it’s because I got lost in all this new technology and stuff that I was trying to make everything perfect every little nitty gritty thing.. right, but that isn’t how it is, art isn’t about perfectionism, OCD maybe.. but it’s an interpretation, not a history footprint for someone to pick up and be like.. oh that’s how it was.

more like


so that’s how it was!

and now I'm off to Adorama at 1 in the morning to see what old manual lenses I can buy for my camera for my christmas present.. which I never did answer that question, now I guess I can. (

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