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Does anyone know anything about the Polaroid One600 Instant Camera?

Asked by viainfested (435points) February 24th, 2010

I found it as I was rummaging through stuff at my grandfathers house after he had passed away. Will the flash still go off if there is no film in the camera? I wanted to buy film for it, but I’m not sure if it’s working properly or not and I was wondering if I needed film in order for the flash to work or if the button may be broken?

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Polaroid doesn’t make instant film anymore, so your question is moot.

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@OperativeQ Just because they don’t produce it anymore, does not necessarily mean that I won’t be able to find any.

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As a collector’s item? I had one once upon a time but it would be a museum piece today. I do believe Fuji still makes film for them, though.

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Polaroid is supposedly going back into production – the entire plant has been purchased and is being reactivated.

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Lady GaGa, of all people, is working to get them back in business. Hang on to that camera.

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I have a polaroid 600 land camera. I’m pretty sure that with 600 series polaroids the power for the flash comes from the film pack.

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@petethepothead Thank you, I guess I’ll have to buy some film and check it out then. :)

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Yes, @petethepothead is correct about the power for the flash being in the film. When I read they were going out of business, I bought up a whole bunch of them, and mine still work.

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The power for the flash being part of the film pack is really interesting.

When they were still in operation, they had a special promo offer where you could buy a specially made radio which would run off the leftover power in the empty film pack.

It was shaped and designed to look like the box in which the film packs were packaged.

At the time, I used to buy the film by the case as I had a part time business doing photo buttons and Santa photos.

I was never lacking for empty film packs and when they came out with those little radios, I thought it was a neat recycling idea rather than letting all that battery power go to waste. Unfortunately, they weren’t really high quality radios, but they got the job done.

Fond memories. Good times :)

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BTW. 600 Film is still fairly easy to find from numerous sources on the net. Some are outrageously priced, but with a little diligence, you can find it for around the standard retail price it used to cost. Roughly $1 per shot.

If you are fairly adventurous and creative, there are all sorts of artsy fartsy image manipulation techniques which can be used since there is a bit of time interval where the emulsion remains rather fluid.

About a year ago, I came across a few artist sites where devotees would post rather detailed instructions for various things they’ve experimented with. I spent a while reading through some of them, but have no idea whether I bookmarked them or not.

But you can have some fun with it if you’re feeling adventurous.

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